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Looks like Elon is moderating based on emotion instead of principle.

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I would agree with this statement.

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Still the freest thing out there.

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But why doesn't he reinstate Alex Jones? Because we now have freedom of speech that Elon musk approves of

Alex is odd, but I looked at the sandy hook shooting and found it to be as hokey as our previous presidential election.

I would like to hear what Alex has to say AND I would like to hear what the woke trannies say..

I just don't want to walk around scared that I might say something that gets my account shitcanned.

Elon commented that he would not reinstate Alex Jones account because it involved children.

I think Alex was dead on target that the sandy hook shooting never happened and I am not the only one that suspects this.

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Whip AJ has been right about everything, they are trying to put Jones head on a Pike right now and silence him for good. What does he owe now? Like $3 trillion? Something insane like that. If Elon reinstate Jones while this is happening, they are going to go after Musk and Twitter like crazy. Musk will have to wait til the heat dies down and he gets the company running the way he wants too. Jones is too toxic right now. At least on the surface that's how it looks. Musk is probably controlled opposition and they are going to use tweets to try to create right wing extremists terrorists to entrap so they finally have "white supremist domestic threats to our national security". The FBI only does entrapment now, from start to finish and after the maralago political persecution, the doj and fbi need a media win. Just wait

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elon suck

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Did orange man bad already lose its pizzazz?