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its not like men and women score at the same rate. men score less, bc women have very high standards, and this is getting away from the point. the original argument you responded too was whether or not a man can be incel or if pulling hoes was easy

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Or men have very low standards due to their desperation.

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it might not be unreasonable to say women dont have high standards, men just have low ones, if not for the fact that women want guys who arent on their level but higher. this is evidenced by the growing portion of men eperiencing sexlessness.

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That just sounds normal to me. Why would you find someone attractive who's not at least on your level?

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like I said these women have abnormally high standards to where they only want guys above them. Not on their level, but above. If this wasnt true than if this wasnt true you wouldn't see so many men experiencing involuntary singleness at a growing rate.

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That seems normal to me. Being attracted to someone below your level seems desperate.

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false dichotomy fallacy. the dichotomy isnt "getting with people less atractive than you" vs "getting with people more attractive than you". the dichotomy is "getting with people less atractive than you" vs "getting with people more attractive than you" vs "getting with people as attractive as you and up". women choose "getting with people more attractive than you" rather than "getting with people as attractive as you and up". note that I never said anything about dating down in terms of looks, but you have repeatedly said I have.

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Because he is a modern scum aka a numale

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women choose "getting with people more attractive than you"

I would argue that's not quite the case, well perhaps it's more prevailing in youth, but I always see men punching above their weight when it come to relationships. Many women like a gorilla, or a dad-bod, or a big hairy teddy bear with neanderthal face. Everyone is different and has different interests, this type of generalisation doesn't quite match reality outside of daytime television and the super picky world of tinder.

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It's practically the same. What you're saying is like saying >= is nothing like >. In the vast majority of cases they have the same outcome.

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Absolutely they are not the same. because if its true that women have the abnormally high standards in the way that I said then we should stop that through social shame.

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No, we need to relieve men of their desperation.