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no all it means is a man who ant get laid or a relationship, and im tired of normies who only know stereotypes trying to corret me on definitions. I spent years on incel forums and youve been informed by buzzwords. You're talking about the blackpill. the blackpill is ideology of incels whih basically theorizes about what women want, what they find attractive, and why we dont measure up. blackpill theory states that women are hypergamous and their attraction follows the 80/20 rule. women find 80% of men completely, and totally, and utterly unattractive, and 20% attractive. There are probably hundred of millions of incels out there, but among self identified blackpilled incels to say they blame women doesnt make sense. Blame women how? If someone is, for example 5,3 and womens standards are 5,7 and up then he could blame himself for hving bad genes, he could blame women for having their standards, he could blame his parents for having him, he could blame feminism, or progressive ideology for getting rid of arranged marriage. And who should he blame? Is what you mean by "blame women" point out their whorish behavior and insanely high standards? The only way that statement makes sense is if you accept the bluepilled cope that incels can choose to stop being incels by having a better personality or something.

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so you're a loony. nuf said. you made your own bed.

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my genes made my own bed, retard