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All of those links were falsified. Every single one.

Just crying "No no no, they were falsified!!!!1!" doesn't prove anything.

The fact that Hitler was willingly in an alliance with Stalin

Since we have many records from both the Nazis, captured after their arses were whipped in WW2, and from Soviet defectors, we know two things about that alliance:

  • Hitler's alliance with Stalin was a trap to fool the Soviets into a false sense of security before Operation Barbarossa;
  • it worked: Stalin was so taken in that when the Germans invaded, at first he refused to believe it.

is proof that National Socialism is Socialism.

The UK and the USA also had an alliance with Stalin, so I guess by your Big Brain Logic that must mean that the UK and USA are socialist too. "Yes Virginia, Winston Churchill was a dirty commie pinko socialist, just like those famous other commies, Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito."

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Considering the ungrateful limey honkies voted him out for Clement Attlee after the war…