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Do it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Frankly just a rigorous application process will scare a lot of these grifters off.

Start with only having male and female as options for sex they can declare themselves as (don't use the word "gender").

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Well, we do have something to lose. Each person we turn away would be a few thousand dollars in lost revenue. But on the other hand, we have a lot to lose by allowing these disruptive people as well. If they persuade another student not to continue in the full program, that's nearly 10k lost.

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So you gotta be smart about it. But you gotta be an asshole with these types. You can't beat them at their game. You can't play a different game and win. You can however just refuse to play ball and let them rage. But you gotta be smart about it.

"I'm entering this field to help lift up [various minorities] in the workplace."

Wow, are you saying you don't care about [insert other minority group here.] I can't believe you'd be successful in that position if you wear your bigotry on your sleeve like that.

Then stonewall anything from them after that. With the following.

"Are you here to apologize for your bigoted and hateful comments? No? Then I'm not talking to you"."Yes good do better" then don't talk to them.

They are often super critical of the faculty, sometimes over DEI issues (like "why don't you have more POC or women in your videos) and sometimes over completely random things that have never been an issue before.

"We will take your comments into consideration". Then ignore. If they attempt to disrupt your operations give one warning, then boot them out for being disruptive.

Most recently, we had a few of these people network with all the other students and convinced them all to ask for refunds! They tend to use activist tactics and phrase everything in the language of victimization. Of course I admit there are some areas where we could improve, but the fact is that the classroom environment is vulnerable to negativity, and a few bad apples are able to ruin the experience for everyone.

Don't give refunds unless the reasoning is 100% valid. You think you are entitled to a refund? "I'm sorry you feel that way".

"I'm going to sue you."

"Ok please direct all correspondence through our legal team". Then just sit back and let them eat their own words.

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This is what I'm saying. You don't even know how much you have lost by them bad mouthing you behind your backs and scaring off potential clients you never even knew about. You see their thousands of dollars upfront but it's an illusion, you aren't really seeing all the losses.

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If you think it is bad for you imagine how much harm they are doing to the companies they go work for. That gives you a bad reputation.

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I'm not even opposed to the overall DEI mission, and I don't want to be prejudiced against people based on their political opinions

I used to think that way, but the time has really come to be prejudiced against people based on their political opinions if you want to have a workplace left to go to.

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How dare you oppose entities that demand you DIE. Bigot.