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Where are the ZINKS?

Zero income no kids.

My lifestyle is valid. It's not homelessness. It's street wise living!

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I blame Jennifer homewrecker Aniston. She was a worse role model than SJP (aka Mrs. Ed) on a worse show. She has never been a good actress, her entire career was built on ripping off Black people, and we have to hear about her being the beneficiary of heterosexual white gentile privilege.

No, Jen, you may not have access to Jon Hamm’s massive cock.

No, Jen, you may not have access to any part of Jason Bateman.

No, bitch, we are not listening about your selfish whining about how you drove men away long enough to become an empty egg carton. Any man who would rather fuck you than another man is a homophobe, a self-loathing misandrist, and a simp.

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Just so everyone knows, the above is a paid poster trying to disrupt our conversations on this site. Click the "block user" button above and disengage.

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Shut up goy