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There's a reason most religions made usury forbidden. This is why. No bankers should be able to yank the reins of an entire culture like this. We are not cattle.

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    Hitler outlawed usury, rejected the jewish fiat currency and international capitalist banking, and instead he made it so that Germans earned 1 german coin for every hour worked.

    Of course, the jews found the idea that they couldn't parasitically exploit the german works so abhorrent that they conspired with many nations to bomb Germany to the ground.

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    We are not cattle.

    To the elite ruling class, that's exactly what we are.

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    Post of the month! Nice work newguy.

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    Not entirely new stuff though; a guy on Joe Rogan made very similar remarks in how its all accounted and companies now are so in need of banks they would rather lose customers and get a credit extension than otherwise. The only dunces are small-medium companies complying and getting zero bank incentives, not realizing its a cultural trap.

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    Agreed, this is the slow boil, it has probably been in the works for 15 years.

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    learn how to wash your butt the Muslim way

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    i'm still not clear on the 'using water' aspect. muzzies all have bidets?

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    Well they didn't have bidets back hundreds of years ago and so they at least now they still use a little watering can kind of like you might see someone used to water their plants in the garden and to tell you the truth I'm not sure how they do that thing but I will tell you that using the bidet feels really fresh when you take a poop and you man you spray your butt hole off with that thing you feel fresh like you just took a shower it is a really clean thing to do though I'm not really sure that God cares how we clean our butts

    I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person that drinks out of the bidet sprayer?

    Watering can:

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    you are wise beyond your years, uncle edward

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    Yeah well I have been recognized before as a genius type but I don't like to blow my own horn or like go around showboating or being arrogant or something like that but you know when you're a brainiac you you got to walk the walk instead of just talking to talk right?

    Damn I'm good with words and s*** right?

    Also I think you should know that I am not in love with Melody the programmer and that I will not stand between you and her and your love triangle do not hold me responsible for her bad attitude I feel much better having said that I would put up more of a fight for her but f*** it she's a tramp and I don't give a s*** thank you

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    yes! we can make a million on youtube. i need you to re-post those videos, and watch the magic happen.

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    By the way I'm going to tell you one little quirk about Islam pretty much everything that is done in Islam that is called sunnah which is a word that basically means that you're doing that which Muhammad did or you're saying things that he said basically everything in Islam is an imitation of his actions and his words.

    But guess what there's one thing that Muhammad did that most Muslim families do not do and that is to have multiple wives in the family women that are Muslims tell their husbands that he cannot have a second wife unless he has his first wife's permission but let me ask you this did Muhammad ask his first wife for permission to take a second wife and and did she say no?

    The answer to that is absolutely not obviously Muhammad did not ask his first wife permission and she did not say no because he had multiple wives so basically the women really run the show in Islam

    The "Jay smith" YouTube channel which is operated obviously by Jay Smith he is a man that has PhD in Islamic Studies and Christian Studies from Harvard and who knows where else and he's a really smart religious scholar and he explains things that completely debunk Islam he explains that the current mosques point to Mecca because Mecca is claimed to be the origin of Islam but he shows that there are archaeological remains of the original mosques and they do not point to Mecca but instead they point to a place called Petra so basically Muslims change the story halfway and guess what Jay actually has access to some original quran's which are handwritten and there are many different versions something like a dozen or more versions of the early Quran and they are all different and Muslims run around and claim that the Quran has never changed

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    Harvard is a shitty antiwhite university that is run by jews.

    People have been brainwashed by jewish media and jewish television to give it respect, when it deserves none.

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    Yes that does seem to be the problem, however we still end up with the same question: Why are the banks choosing ESG over profitability (rather than the manufacturers and retailers), which any economic textbook will tell you is the highest value of a corporation? I'm looking for more than 'because the Jews', like perhaps specifically who, and how said alleged Jews strong armed them to act against their own interest, which clearly someone has, Jew or otherwise, because banks don't care about values at all, just look at JPMorgans relations with Epstein

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    They are thinking long-term. In order to completely take over a nation, they must destroy every institution as much as possible, any identity, connection, you name it. Do this enough times, people will lose the resolve to defend from invasion. This has been the plan for several decades.

    Once they demoralize the populace, then they can work on profits, until then, we stand in their way.

    Besides, the only thing more valuable than money is power and control.

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    This was literally just 'because the jews', you have not provided any information, just assertions you didn't support and hyperbole. 'Because Jews want to do world domination' is an alleged motivation, not an explanation of how they are compelling banks to act against their own interests.

    Now I agree someone is obviously coercing them, and it may well be 'the Jews', but you haven't made a very compelling case. If you can explain it to me with compelling support I am open to this explanation, like for starters, what is the proposed mechanism of Jewish leverage over these bankers that is powerful enough to make them sacrifice profit?

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    They are not compelling banks to act against their own interests. Jews OWN the banks.

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    I don't know if it's 'the Jews,' but many of the people pushing it are Jewish. Jennifer Bilek has written more than a couple of pieces about it. She's called anti-semitic and transphobic and has a substack and further writings out there if you're interested. The first article focuses on the Pritzkers and the second on more of the names/foundation behind it.

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    Specific names from the second article

    I found exceedingly rich, white men with enormous cultural influence are funding the transgender lobby and various transgender organizations. These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George Soros; Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond Pike; Warren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented). Most of these billionaires fund the transgender lobby and organizations through their own organizations, including corporations.

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      Many users seem absolutely positive the Jews are to blame for ESG in particular, so I assume they are more knowledgable than me about this subject and could illuminate me on the dynamics of what kind of leverage over a bank might trump profit making in influencing the majority shareholders/board, and how this leverage is wielded by the Jews in particular. It might well be the Jews, but 'because Jews are bad' is not particularly enlightening or compelling as an explanation for this phenomenon on its own. I thought you guys wanted more people to be more informed about all the bad stuff the Jews do, and I'm asking for more information but not really getting any. Its not like I can ask ChatGPT, Google, or Wikipedia for great information about this

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      because banks don't care about values at all, just look at JPMorgans relations with Epstein

      JP Morgan is run by jews. Pedophilia and blackmail are jewish values, so yes, they do care about values.
      They don't want Christians to care about values, because christian values are opposite of jewish values. This way they can convince christians to "go for profit" (codework for go for jewish values).

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      Because there is long-term profitability - they're creating a new industry. Most of America's production is now weapons and drugs, but transhumanism, and hacking the post-natal body, opens up incredible financial opportunities. That's why they pushed the mRNA shots, too. Look at the predicted financial rise in the trans industry profits by 2025. It already very much is an industry - think of how much more a trannie has to purchase to show their identity. Gay people didn't need to buy anything to be gay. They weren't an entirely new cosmetic surgery population, with entirely new procedures.

      Why should poor countries get all the profits from medical tourism, when we have no morality in our science in the US?

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      By blackrock and Vanguard, Jewish overlord Larry Fink is behind this push for degeneracy in conquered nations around the world

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        How much will Killery accept for the suicide, of Larry Fink? :)

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        The proper response is to make them lose more if they comply with that bullshit.

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        The next step is to apply genetic engineering en masse to turn people into a cross between humans and cows, so it will be clear to everyone that the average person is cattle.

        By the way, could you include a source in the OP? Makes it that much more valuable.

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        If I was out hunting, and Larry Fink wandered into my sights, I'd fire without hesitation.

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        If Musk wants to become a trillionaire, providing an alternative to this is his way forward.

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        Tyranny... the "y" is silent.

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        I am working in Corpo which is advising around the ESG topic, all of that is being evaluated by external documents disclosures about the environment are absurdal and literally impossible (asses CO2 emissions in case of all of your clients in case of a bank) ans governance is just absurdal political agenda.

        However, literally no one believes this shit, the ideas that they try to implement won't happen and governance idea of political correctness will fall.

        Fags won't win there.

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        The Caucasian-Neanderthal half breeds are afraid of going extinct. WEF-church pushed it in order to accrue more scientific data on genetic factors and resiliency via vaccine/covid. Ccp does the leg work - the cabal has big plans to recreate humanity from monkeys and play gawd according to their image.

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        I don't understand why men claiming to be women and vice versa are demanding society respect them.

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        These elites are cowards, afraid to offend anyone. This leads them to offend the majority of their customers. Dumb fucks gonna dumb fuck.