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Their function is to open the gates to allow mass migration and ensure the imternet is heavily censored

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Frankly, my family has donated billions to tearing down the wall and allowing mass migration, so at least you understand how important that is to our ultimate survival as a country. And I'm starting to see from the comments on this forum, exactly why the internet must be much more heavily censored from now on. That is a cause I'm also working to promote as heavily as possible. And your responses to this post will show exactly why it has to happen.

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Did your mother ask you to clean your room again?

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Truly the biggest red flag of mental abberation is an outright hatred for people of any particular sex, especially toward women. What purpose do they serve? Well for one thing, retards like you wouldn't be around if your mom hadn't (unfortunately) given birth to you. For another, no woman has ever said anything as perversely stupid as "what purpose do men serve in society?" For another, most women are smart enough to understand that guns aren't toys and really, not something worthwhile humans want or need. Women don't start global wars. Women don't spread disease. If you ask me, only women really have the real powers in this world, men are just infants with dirty diapers full of hate.

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Things were much better when they just shut up and cooked dinner.

No, they really weren't. There are very, very few ways in which things were much better in the 19th century.

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  1. No led nor plastics in the environment.
  2. Less people all around.
  3. A better balance between government and governed.

That's about it, I guess?

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No led nor plastics in the environment.

Lol, no

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I have been fucking them since I was 15. I'm 64 now so I would say cum dumpsters.

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How sad for them to have to hook up with a perverted wretch like you. No wonder your life is as empty as it is.

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I'm sorry you are an incel. Let's just be friends.

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If I'm an incel, whatever that is I'm still a thousand times better than you are. You can stick it up your sorry unloved asshole for all i care.

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This is not, nibba

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I see your point with respect to judge Eileen Cannon.

But not with respect to environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Maybe it's the person rather than the sex? Trump managed to shitturn a whole country's legal system, balance of payments and international relations, and he's not woman, afaik.

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There ya go again, with your rational arguments.

Indeed we should be asking: "What purpose do men serve at all in society?"

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Exactly. If you ask me, the only purpose men have is to shoot their seed all over everything whether it's "of age" or not, from infancy on. I'm not the only one to think this, read some anthropology books and you'll see this common thread; men are expendable. If men go out to hunt, it doesn't matter if they die, it only takes one male to impregnate an entire village of women. That's the big secret women have known from the beginning; men will always war with each other because they are dumb, and expendable. Let them. Women will stay safe and protected, knowing they are the survivors. And also - just FYI, I'm never insulted by comparison with women. So go ahead and sling your slurs at me - and prove my point about you people for all to see.

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"IkeConn 3 insightful - 1 fun - 14 hours ago I have been fucking them since I was 15. I'm 64 now so I would say cum dumpsters." Oh what lucky tramps they must have been to have hooked up with a wretched retard like yourself. Cum dumpster or not, they're still a thousand times better as people than you could ever hope to be. Hate women? Well then it's time to crawl into your little shit-filled grave and pull the lid down over yourself. Goodbye, good riddance.

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They are supposed to be gatekeeping the gene-pool. Selecting the few good men and then breed and raise even better men and women.

Instead they... do whatever I guess. Oh and complain about the state of humanity for which they are responsible of.

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That should be, "complain about the state of humanity for which they are responsible." No "of" is needed and in fact, it's incorrect to put it there. Just saying - you seem to think that women are "responsible for the state of humanity." Which is incorrect. All human beings are responsible for the state of humanity. If humanity is destroyed, it's usually be men spreading war, guns, hate, drugs, and disease. And if you are a man, you know i'm right about all of that. If you can even find a "few" good men, I'd be very surprised.

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Found the woman, allergic to any form accountability as usual.

My logic is irrefutable, the chicken came before the egg. Most men do not reproduce and have no reproductive rights, women chose their partners, hence the father of their children, women chose whether or not they have children, chose to send them to a female-dominated mixed-gender public school. Humanity is effectively a Woman's lineage, your mess to fix.

Behind every great man is a great woman, guess who's also behind every piece of shit. Who filled up federal prisons with their progeny? Single-mother households.

it's usually be men spreading war, guns, hate, drugs, and disease.

Once again, for your tiny brain: All men come from vaginas. All men come from women who chose their fathers. If you want a better world, develop a better judgement and breed one.

Also, in case it wasn't already obvious how intellectually superior I am, English is my third language so you'll forgive me if I made a single mistake that your silly unilingual brain picked up on.

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Well you're doing great for someone whose third language is English, but you can't insult me because my first language is intelligence and not bigoted misogyny or hate. Sad that you can't use your skills in language to create better arguments or more informed responses. And your statements are both strange and very inaccurate.

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You lost the argument before it even started dear "[deleted]". I'll accept your word-salad as a concession of your defeat.

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Keep the slave system functioning by supplying more slaves.