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Nice 1984 style revision. Let the real definition, number 3, just fade away. Race is factually a primary determinant of traits. Both physical and mental. This isn't related to superiority in any way. Races and sexes are naturally different, even if nurture has some impact after that...

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Do tell. How are the races naturally different?

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Got nothing, eh?

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Average height, average weight, resistance and susceptibility to diseases, skin pigmentation (and related melanin production), hair and eye colors, average IQ, hormone level averages, etc...

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Go on. Please elaborate on which "races" have which traits and the logical conclusion that can be made based on this info.

Please be as specific as possible.

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I'm not your researcher. You can learn for yourself. But if you're actually making the claim that there aren't genetic differences between races, you might literally be retarded. If there weren't, we wouldn't even be able to identify them as races. In that case, my wife (black) and I (Arab) would be identical and our kids would be identical to us. But instead we are drastically different, and our kids look like a mix between the two of us. Ya know, since they have a mixture of our two genes. And there are even more non-visual differences (based on averages) on top of that. Even if that hurts your feelings. It's the reality of humanity, and all life.

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You're the one who's making the claims. You don't have to specify each detail. Do you have any sources?

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You need a source that black people have black features and Asian people have Asian features? A source that they have different averages with health and cognitive ability? You could google countless sources and you know it. I'm pretty sure you're trolling though. Tell you what, if you aren't trolling, will you make a bet with me? We each put $10,000 worth of etherium held in a smart contract by a third party escrow service. The service will grant me the total $20k if I provide evidence that races have genetic differences, like you are claiming they don't have. Deal? I'll do the ten second Google search then, but I won't be your bitch who operates at your command when you could spend seconds doing the same thing. Or you could actually contradict any of the claims I made earlier about racial differences, which you never even bothered to do.

Also congrats on being the first person I have ever seen actually argue that races don't have differences. Pretty cool to see the outstanding variety of beliefs people can hold. I hope you take the bet, either way.

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No sources, huh?

That's disappointing.

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Too scared to take the bet, huh? That's disappointing. Why don't you admit you were talking out of your ass and that you know races exist.

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Let's not change the subject. You're the one who is scared to back up the assertion, that is supposedly obvious.

You made the claim. Back it up.

I know you won't, because your scared. The fact is, beyond hollow cosmetic differences; you are fucked.

I'm going to take you to the cleaners.

I'm loving it. ;-)