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This is a good idea. I also try to limit what I allow to enter my mind and heart.

I pray for you, that as you turn off the noise of worldly life you will hear the still small voice within you, which will give you peace and clarity of mind.

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Pray for me too!

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I pray for you too. Have a good vacation from mass media and the Internet.

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✅ Done.

Anyone can pray, from any location. It is best to pray in a quiet place, without distractions. Jesus showed this by example when he went alone up on a mountain top to pray. It is there that the Heavenly Father can guide your thoughts towards peace, healing, and understanding. He is for you, and not against you.

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Thank you. After only a day, I realized that I have been using all the electronic information streams to tell me what to think about, instead of choosing what I want to think about. It took a few days for me to get used to the "noise" of my own thoughts alone in my mind. I think I'll write up a post about my experience and how I plan to move forward, and post it here on the site.

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choosing what I want to think about

It is liberating to search for what we want to learn about instead of letting a corporation distract us with what they want us to think about.

Search and you shall find.

Ask and you shall receive.

Knock, and the door shall be opened to you.

If you write the post, I hope I see it.

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Grandpa Zapped needs a big, long break!

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Understandable, hope it helps you out and also hope to see you around before too long. Thanks for all your help with the spam, I'm sure we'll manage.

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It was a nice break and I have a new plan on how to limit what I allow to get in my head. I appreciate how much you contribute to this site.

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Good luck, Zapped. Hope we see you again some sunny day.

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Au revoir, monsieur zappé. Bonne idée. Bonne chance. Jusqu'à la prochaine fois.

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Have a good break!

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to reset the internal clutter from too much information.

Consider the following:
Everyone has Agency for co-creating reality
But our World AS IS, the Few rule the Many
The Many engage with Narratives(stories), Paradigm & Systems of de-Agency-fication (NPSDs)
that the Few control - that is how the Few get to rule the Many

Nonetheless, every person still has Agency - to decide daily, at every moment:
Whether or not to engage with the hierarchically-controlled NPSDs

When someone is intoxicated, s /he is self de-Agency-fied.
When someone chooses not to be intoxicated, s /he is no longer de-Agency-fied by intoxication

Another example: X/Twitter censors through shadowbans and is rife with chatter bots
Those who choose X/Twitter subject themselves to shadowban censorship & bot traps
Those who do not choose X/Twitter save themselves from such usurpation of their time & energy

When people engage with the NPSDs, they are self-de-agency-fied
When people do not engage with the NPSDs, they are not self de-agency-fied

Everyone has Agency for co-creating reality
Everyone has Agency to decide: whether or not to remain de-Agency-fied
Everyone has Agency to decide: whether or not to be Re-Agency-fied

When the Re-Agency-fied > the de-Agency-fied, the Few cannot rule the Many

in any case, discarding NPSDs, clears the internal clutter and prevents re-cluttering.

Peace be with you.