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Okay, mendicant.

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Employing an extended vocabulary enables one to delve into intricate subjects and effectively demystify complex concepts, yet it doesn't safeguard them from being mistaken for AI. A robust lexicon serves to enhance communication but doesn't necessarily denote artificial intelligence; rather, it underscores the richness and depth of human language.

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Sweet. It is now becoming manditory to talk like an actual human in corporate settings. That's long over due.

I don't think this is a restriction on vocabulary because the keywords that are going to tip people off is a narrow segment of overused vocabulary used by marketers, high talk low code developers, and corporate communicators that AI is mimicking. None of us valued their communication to begin with so now we get to disregard their bullshit as AI instead of being forced to entertain them with a real response.

We also get to do with with woke jargon-streamers.

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On the one hand there is some truth to it, but not enough to justify that kind of reaction. I think this will turn into a movement, not because it makes sense but because it harms the intelligent ie. white people. I can see the education system being used to brainwash kids into not engaging with intelligent discussion online on the premise that it is just a bot.

Meanwhile the actual bots, operated by well financed propaganda outfits, will flood social media with ghetto speak bullshit.

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Tbh this type of shit is so motivating to me, for some reason. Gives me hope that someday I'll finally be able to master English. And that should be easy to do, since the native speakers are now constantly dumbing themselves down like this.

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Detty I wouldn't know you were a dirty slav unless you said something, your English is excellent.

The thing about 'delve' is that it can be used to clock chatGPT generated text because it's not a word used often otherwise. Although apparently Nigerians tend to use it too, and there's been a weird infestation of Nigerians on Twitter for some reason recently.

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People don't use 'delve'?

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I was just playing Helldelvers 2!!

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For Demystify!

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Then obviously you're a bot.

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How dare you, sir! I was there at Melevalon Creek! You didn't see the shit I saw in their hollow, certainly not intelligent or sentient robot eyes!!

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But I can totally see it being appropriate to use when proposing a project over email. Or do I... not understand something?

What about the other words? What's there in them that could be indicative of an AI? (Well, except the "digital world", cause that shit sounds weird to me as well)

I don't think that there are really any words specific to ChatGPT. People should watch out for weird writing patterns, instead of being retards and dismissing everything they read cause they found a word they don't like.

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I bought a fancy mouse. The ergonomic, multifunctional, IoT-enabled device utilizes advanced algorithms to optimize user experience through seamless integration with various digital platforms, leveraging cutting-edge hardware and software to facilitate real-time communication and data processing, ultimately enhancing productivity and connectivity in modern, dynamic lifestyles.

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TBH whenever I hear someone use the word robust in a work/business context, I wonder what they think it means.