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This is what happens when a cat is licking your balls while you sleep? You're confused because you have a tounge on your nuts, it feels like sandpaper, but ultimately it's a tounge, so hence the tits show up. Best I got.

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Could be, Gizmo is totally gay for me.

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The tightness of yourself against the steering wheel could have been you sleeping in an awkward position, or it could be that you feel that you are being "squeezed" into going a certain direction in life. The glitching cars represents life moving along around you that is always constant but that you are unable to predict 100% how it is specifically moving and being reactionary instead of proactive. The doctor's visit is you feeling like the doctors are not helping you and you might as well take care of it yourself since you know yourself better at this point than they do. The rest of the story is the stuff that makes you happy. You will only run into it by accident if you don't make it happen.

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Hey, welcome back!

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It was a good break. It took about a day to get used to not having so much information being fed into my brain. I had to learn to let my own mind lead what I think about. I'll try to write up my experience. Bottom line is that I need to stop being lazy about how I get my information and more selective on how I get it and where I get it from. I was also using it as an excuse to avoid doing stuff at home. I was so much more productive this past week. Probably means I won't be on here as much during the day, but it should be more meaningful to me.

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We survived COVID and many of us required no "professional" medical care. Next, we have disease X, but you might do better surviving it if you stayed away from the medical system.

eventually I decide to pack up and head home. Except I can't find my car.

This is how the world works. It entices you with shopping, games, and distractions. We may use up our entire life being distracted, not realizing why we were actually here.

When you decide to go home, how are you going to get there without your car? At the moment of death, your spirit leaves your body. How are you going to get "home" without it? You may try to return to your physical shell, but then it is too late. When the physical life is over, you find yourself in another world.

marveling how all of this was here this whole time but I never knew

The spirit realm is real and we all came from there and return. How did you not know? What will you do now? How will you return to your Father's house? You feel separated from "home" because you are. But there is hope, if you turn to Jesus. He is the bridge that leads from the physical life, across the abyss, into the kingdom of spirits, where his Father's house has many mansions. For those who turn to him now, he prepares a place for us, so that where he lives, we may live also.

Today, you still have your car. It's not too late to drive home. You are still in your physical shell. Today is the day of salvation. You can make the drive and return home if you make the right choice and refuse to let the world distract you. Yes, beautiful women can make a man dumb and distracted through lust.

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Interesting take.

If you use twitter you might like, the things he says reminds me of you a lot.

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The observation about funerals is something I have also noticed the few times I have been to a funeral. It is not right to assume that a dead person is in heaven or "went home to be the Lord", especially if we know the man died in his sins. God does not force people to go to heaven against their will. Where a man's heart is, there will his treasure be also. If people do not love God and his ways, why would they want to be in his kingdom? So, yes, I agree with that Twitter post.

Ironically, this conversation started because of your dream, and I woke up this morning with my own dream. I saw Twitter's public face: Elon Musk. I saw a hand applying lipstick to his lips. Two other hands were covering what that hand was doing. There were a total of three hands. What does this mean? He was wearing lipstick.... two other hands were trying to cover his mouth.... but I could still see the third hand applying the lipstick. I searched online for: Elon Musk lipstick .... and found this news: Twitter to charge money for new people to post anything! And the news was posted to "", a forum I had never heard of before. And you suggested I look at a Twitter post!

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You glitched into the backrooms apparently?

I don't know man, from what I gather is that your dream says that you feel lost in some way. (And horny too)

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It's a common theme in my dreams. I believe it stems from moving around a lot as a kid. School was surreal. Different school districts teach different things at different times so my childhood was a blur of sitting around confused in the florescent hellscapes of classrooms not really knowing what's going on or what I should be doing.

Doctor's offices remind me of those classrooms.

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It could be a distorted memory. I myself have dreams of being caught up in a labyrinth, but it has a lot of significance.

There was a time in which MMORPGs were really popular in Latin America and I was part of a guild called Sunrise in the game Ragnarok Online. (It still remains one of my favorite videogames, if not the downright best videogame ever made)

A lot of the members over there were Venezuelans, but overall people all over Latin America were part of Sunrise. I used to befriend and had a rivalry with a girl called Marce.

Despite being close, we were rivals because we had different philosophies when it came to interacting with people. I myself believed that in order for people to become friends they would have to become the ideal person of who they want to be or try really hard to become that ideal, when they meet each other and develop a sense of loyalty with each other, can they become friends.

She thought of relationships as mere power play, that all relationships are based on the idea of having influence over others. I found it hard to believe because to me Marce was like one of the nicest persons I've ever met. I think she hated me because I was too straightforward and honest like to give a fuck about people's opinions in contrast to her. And I think we were actually very similar despite having opposite personalities.

She and I lasted the most in Sunrise together, but I eventually lost contact with her too. I remember that in order to brood for her loss, I would spend hours and hours in a dungeon called The Labyrinth that had one of the best designs in the game in which you could find the Baphomet demon. (A reference to the Minotaur legend)

I'm sure I have dreams of the labyrinth because I spiritually, never truly left, and I'm still searching for Marce in the labyrinth.

Maybe you are also looking for something you lost back then?

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Maybe you are also looking for something you lost back then?

I did lose 8% of my portfolio in the last few days, maybe those represented the perfect investment titties of capitalism.


u/LarrySwinger2 has a similar story about a group of people he lost touch with.

Which reminds me of this song.

Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of God
wandering wandering in hopeless night

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I do believe that the pain has made me closer to God I think. I'm sure I'll find her eventually.

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It wasn't a group of people, but rather individual friends which I lost one after the other. In the last two years, five friendships have ended, all of which were about five years in duration. Separate from this there are friend groups which I simply grew apart from. I was unable to show any of my friends that Covid was a psy-op and this was mostly an issue for me. A friendship feels superficial for me if we can't even agree about something so fundamental, so I retreat. There was only one friendship that explicitly ended because we had a fight about lockdowns. The other four individual friendships ended for unrelated reasons.

Which is not to say I'm lonely, by the way. I made other friends, both offline and online, and this is never a problem for me because I socialize easily.

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I never go to the doctors. Fuck the medical industry faggots if I need a surgery I'll go otherwise nah.

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I need heart meds. I'd rather not see doctors either but it's kinda crazy my meds are no big deal as long as I keep taking them and have regular doctor's appointments but if it lapses it becomes a nightmare to get them prescribed again.

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What the everloving fuck kind of link is that?

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It was an openAI GPT link that apparently expired, but I'll fix it. Basically getting around their "safeguards" to make offensive and (subjectively) hilarious images.

[–]Musky[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children) has a less shackled image generator, although it's not as capable.

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I should add NSFW tag. This stuff will get someone banned from so many places in so many ways... it's insane what our sick iimagination +AI can muster up.

Indeed it has much fewer filters. I try to cram as much offensive things in as possible to see what it's willing to do.

It doesn't do swastikas or hitler's mustache, though, as those will come out a garbled mess, and a big bushy mustache. It also likes to draw vaginas instead of penises and vise-versa sometimes, even a hybrid of both in odd ways.

I'm a bit disturbed how it can do deepfakes. I punched in some celebrities, and it was.. hmm let's just say you could tell it was a deep fake, but very recognizable.

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It seems to have a hard time with genitals and boobs in general, and just randomly adds mixed male or female parts to whatever it feels like.

I kinda want to start a thread or sub with a contest on who can make the most offensive image, with the caveat that you copy/paste the text used to generate it. I bet we can get some pretty cool stuff.