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Why does everyone complain about this place in absolutes? All you're saying is there's not enough people like ME!

The internet is a really big place, and there's plenty to do. Use a helmet.

Later dude.

Fuck Cloudflare

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Only the libtards that are butthurt that people are leaving Reddit for Saidit.

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But it's this kind of dumb, ill-informed comment that makes new users like Titanic leave Saidit. Most people are centrists, with occasional 'right' or 'left' political agreements. What's killing Saidit is general idiocy.

For example, many on the so-called different sides of politics will agree that mass immigration to the US is a serious problem that's also the reason for the massive BIPARTISAN bill to fund additional staff at the US border with Mexico. Everyone wanted this. Trump did not, because he wants the problem to continue. He told Repugs NOT to approve it. And here we are, all agreeing that mass illegal immigration to the US is a serious problem. Some might want to defend Trump's actions (not sure why). Some might want to point out that Republicans are literally grifting demons. It can all be done in a civil manner (as was initially assumed by magnora7 and d3rr long ago) and new users would remain. But the assumption that 'libtards' are 'butthurt' about people leaving Reddit for Saidit makes as much sense as tits on a turtle. Any 'liberal' person wouldn't waste time at a website like Saidit. Hence their butts wouldn't hurt, nor would they have mental problems. Studies have shown that spending time at Saidit lowers one's IQ by 20 points.

/u/Titanic some of the users here aren't nuts; hope you return when possible.

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Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

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Iceberg, right ahead!

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This is why the internet bifurcating was a mistake. But it's the path Reddit chose. They decided to disallow reasonable speech that wasn't 100% aligned with their dogmas. As a result we got unreasonable speech on both reddit and its offshoots. The answer really is a site that has everyone on it. But once reddit and lemmy offered the left the concept of a safe space they will never reintegrate into a mixed site.

Feel free to try Maybe you'll like it? Most of us are right of center but we are trying to create a site where politics isn't the main thing discussed.

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I'm kinda sad to see you go. Take care, maybe we'll see you again.

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Beep bop. Jew nigger faggot.

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“Nazis, retards, and trolls”

Which one are you, OP?

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And another visitor slips beneath the waves.

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Almost as bad as reddit, which has nobody but faggots, chink commies, and self abusers.

I resent that. Most Saidit users are faggots and self abusers!

I don't know what a chink commie is, but they're probably here too.

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Indeed, in terms of sexual or fetish interests, Saidit has been remarkably diverse over the years.

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It's funny how this post has 14 comments and I can only see one of them. Meaning at least 13 Nazis, retards, and trolls I've already blocked have commented on here before I did.

I understand. Good bye.

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Now our words can no longer hurt you.

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That says so much more about you than it does about us. You're a weakling. Can't ban this comment, it's not on your shitty sub.

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Yeah I see 7 out of the 18 now it supposedly has. But to me that's not so bad

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I've been off of this site for over a year, and only just logged back on. Hey, everyone.

I had to take a break because the political bad news was making me a bit paranoid and depressed. I get it. As an alternative, I just kind of limited myself to to e-mail for a year. E-mail and, like, academic journals and Grateful Dead mp3s. It was weirdly relaxing.

It's also ok to come back after a break, too.

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