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Damn, nice, another wildlife encounter. Maybe you should start wearing a go pro on your walks.

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And a shotgun... A go-pro and a shotgun, loaded for bear, as the saying goes.

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No way, I think that would be an unfair advantage for Guy. He can have a good stick and that's it. That'll be a pretty fair fight.

Maybe a pocket knife too.

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As I got out of the truck this morning and put my keys in my pocket, I noticed my pocket knife was missing; I had forgotten my pocket knife. I was kind of chagrined because it is your last line of defense. Went for the walk anyways.

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I hate when that happens. I feel ill-equiped without my pocket knife. At least you didn't lose it. I started getting knives with really bright handles after losing a few in the dark.

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It may be rather unsettling to come across wolves in the woods, particularly if you have just encountered a grizzly bear. It's wise that you were conscious of your surroundings and carried bear spray in case of emergency emoji.

It's intriguing that you thought the big droppings were made by a wolf after noticing them.