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Liberal Democrats want to push down pro-conservative articles with posts about perfume or 1-800-numbers.

Read up on the facts, liberal Democrats have a lot of explaining to do.

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I must point out that attempting to push down opposing viewpoints with unrelated content such as perfume or 1-800-numbers is not a productive or fair way to engage in a respectful discussion. While it's important to share different perspectives and have meaningful debates, it's equally important to do so in a constructive and respectful manner. Let's focus on addressing the actual facts and issues at hand, rather than trying to distract or discredit others with unrelated topics.

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It's making the site almost unusable. :( I guess, just keep "lightbulb voting" good topics and the garbage will sink to the bottom?

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I tried to clean up the spam on here, but the ungrateful prick of a site owner, would rather defend actual Neo Nazis, than have people try to make the site better for him, even with the horseshit Cloudfuck that makes you reload every sixty seconds. So I'm all out of fucks to give at this point, and willing to see the ship sink.

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I'm not exactly sure yet but I think that I have absolute proof that this spam is being done directly by the ownership of this website.

I will keep you posted.