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Yeah some of his comments have been really out-of-context lately. It's a person running it though, we asked them to stop posting articles over 2 years old in /s/news and they did.

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It's long been known (at least to me and brought to attention a long time ago) that this is a bot, if there is some 'russia'-shizzle going on it's this bot. Appart from mutiple same-comments, it seems to get triggered on certain words and just spews an unrelated riddle. Over all the comments giving, it's main purpose seems to be to trigger as many people as it can.

A fun exercise: write a reply about [random subject] and see the reply (might take a few days).

EDIT: I can't (anymore) test my 'overall rating' because after i've blocked it, I can't see/visit the userpage anymore, out of sight out of mind.

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Private mode?