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In general, I agree. As a parallel remark, I'll mention a statement made to me years ago; I found it powerful.

"Most of the trouble and pain in families comes from unmet expectations."

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Don't get this kind of people being your family ,they became cunning after they found no one actually want to be their extensions. They hide who they really are when the relationship start,and then they "change their personality suddenly" when you became the best friend/romantic partner of them. They think they can trick some people by doing that,that's their evil, the result will be painful for both sides.

They are shameless.

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    Are you homosexual?

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    It's funny how the internet always thinks I'm a guy :D

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    Well, everybody knows that there's no women on the internet. ;)

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    This kind of toxic relationship is very common in gay relationship.

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    When a nation entering the state of war, most people would view another person is the extension of themselves in the same nation, view the successful killing as the winning of themselves. If someone says: "It's all about the military industrial complex, they are the true winners!"People would just attack this person.

    I think that's the same thing with people becoming super possessive and even violent over sports teams. I never understood it for the longest time - how can you become so wound up over them winning or losing if you had nothing to do with it? I would understand if you bet money on that team or something. But like this? I think it's the same thing as you said above, associating themselves with some team to be able to feel good about the achievements of others? Something like that, at least.

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    I never give a damn about sports teams. I thought they are manipulated by gambling group.

    Their stupid little narrow mind can't handle a diversified society. You can find the concept of "Your group VS Our group" in many animals(but there is no military industrial complex in animals). In my view ,they are trying to rebuild that simple world view crazily. Which they comfortable with ,and then they marginalize anyone doesn't follow they stupid way...they don't want to see someone show their stupidity.

    Which word I should use without use the word "evil" to describe them?