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But you forget. Every hack inevitably gets patched once exploited for long durations.

Its only a matter of time for the devs to execute a balance patch. The same hacks shouldn't work again.

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Maybe it would depend on the type of simulation. A completely or mostly single player sim may not be patched. A massively multiplayer one probably would be.

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Good point, Earth seems like a massively multiplayer sim due to the variations in player and abilities. But treating it as a single player is dangerously close to a solpsistic fantasy.

At least, I would probably want to rebel against being an NPC in someone else's game. But more so, what is the inevitable conclusion of a single player sim? Is there even an established parameter aside from death and old age?

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Well let me tell you, I have some very interesting insider information about that... wait, why did you delete your account? Nevermind.