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Growing and creating a YouTube channel is a lot of work. Many people suffer from burnout and quit. I’ve had many ups and downs through the years, as is completely normal. But success is always just around the corner, especially after implementing the tips in this guide! Using a valuable YouTube tool like and following the below instructions will be a huge help!

The beauty of YouTube is that old videos still accumulate views every hour, even as days and months go on. For every new video that you post, you’re creating a new passive income source for months to come. You can literally watch in realtime as views come in and grow. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that you can make enough money from YouTube to support yourself and be financially free!

Think back to the basics about whether the content you’re putting out is exciting. And if you’re just starting out, keep in mind that your channel should do one of 2 things:

Entertain people Inform people Or both.

Content has to be one of those two types in order to succeed on YouTube. I strongly believe that in order to create a successful YouTube channel, you need to entertain people. The algorithm will reward you if you do.

If you go informational, your chance of success is a little less, but you can succeed by earning the majority of your income outside of Adsense. Common ways include:

Merchandise Courses Subscriptions Most big entertainment channels do this already. But if you have really solid fans, a smaller informations style channel can also work.