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eat a bat

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I tried FB, twitter, reddit, here and so far my videos are unknow. If you find the answer feel free to share as I gave up.

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YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, not to mention that it makes up an enormous part of our lives. With so much time spent watching videos on YouTube, you would think there are a whole lot of ways for your video to go viral. However, there are just a few key aspects that will make your video take off and get millions of views!

Link to a relevant influencer

This is the best way to go viral, and it doesn't cost a single cent. Make sure that you choose the influencer of your niche or someone who has at least 100k subscribers. If they like your video, they will share it on their social media and give you a shoutout at the end of their video. The best part is that this works for free!

Making people laugh or smile

People love to watch videos where they can feel good about themselves – either by laughing, crying, feeling inspired, or even having fun. People like watching videos that can make them feel something.

This means you should be more creative with the content of your video. Try to incorporate some key elements like humor, fun actions, or even music (if it's relevant). For example, if you're cooking a recipe try to add funny dialogue in-between steps and keep people entertained throughout the whole process!

Share your videos on social media platforms

The most common way to make the youtube video go viral is via social media. When you are posting your work on Facebook or Twitter, making it public allows other people who don't have an account with that particular platform to see this content too! Make sure to use hashtags and tag people in the comments so it stays on top of their feed.

Embed Your Youtube videos on relevant websites and blogs

Today, the internet is crawling with websites and blogging platforms that are focused on one specific topic or subject. If your video relates to such a site/blog, you can embed it there so as to allow other people to watch it while they read up about its relevant content. Try to find at least ten sites like this for every video.

Use Youtube Ads to promote your video

You can make a paid promotion on Youtube to drive more views and subscribers for the videos you own or work for. YouTube ads are a great way to increase exposure for your videos, but you need to make sure that the content of the video is engaging enough so people will click on it.

You can also use Google Adwords in order to promote your brand or product effectively via Youtube channels and videos with a good relevance score. There are several other ways in which you can promote your videos via paid advertising, for example through Facebook ads.

In order to have a successful YouTube Ads campaign, you need to create an ad that is relevant and engaging with high-quality content in it so people will be interested enough in clicking on the video or link within the advertisement. It is also important that keywords are properly used in the advertisement so people can be easily directed to your video.