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To grow your YouTube channel, it is necessary to have thousands of subscribers and viewers. With little effort, you can increase your subscribers. Follow these tips to increase your subscribers and viewers

1) Once you have set your targeted audience. Now, it is time to create content that your audience wants to see. You can use the google trend to know the trending topics. After selecting the topic, make an engaging, fresh and informative content.

2) Create custom thumbnails. Thumbnail is the like the front view of your house, if it is attractive, everyone would like your house. So, create an attractive thumbnail. Use canvas tool to create thumbnails.

3) Focus on YouTube SEO. Adding appropriate video titles, description, keywords, and hashtags all are the parts of Youtube SEO. Youtube SEO is beneficial for the long term and it ranks your video high in Youtube SEO. Once your video is ranked, you get thousands of viewers which are your ultimate subscribers if your content is top-notch. After having subscribers, your channel started to grow. Tubebuddy is an excellent tool for Youtube SEO.

4) To increase the viewers, the most effective way is to promote your content on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Tumble. Join groups and different communities to share your content. You can use the Paid Ads to speed up the process.

5) Outreach to different bloggers and request them to embed your video in their relevant post. It drives the enormous traffic on your videos.

6) Add the watermark or symbol in the video to promote your channel

7) To get fast results, you can buy viewers and subscribers from it the best service provider in the market that I have ever used. The specialty of them is that they increase real viewers and subscribers by promoting your content. They also provide excellent customer support.

8) Run Giveaway contest. This tip not only increases viewers and subscribers but also helps in retaining your existing subscribers. To become the part of the contest you can ask your audience to subscribe your channel

9) Work on influence marketing. Follow your competitors and observe their activities. Try to improve your mistake and content.