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/s/Crime: Crime


Corporate Crime, Crimes Against Animals Humanity & Nature, Cyber, Drugs, Fraud, Hate, Petty, Police, Scams, Sex Crimes, State Crime, Theft, ThoughtCrime, True Crime, Violent Crime, Vivisection, War Crime... + Organized Crime (All Governments, Banksters, Big Pharma, Bush-Clinton-Royal Families, CFR, CIA, DoD, 5-Eyes, Insurance, IRS, Lobbyists, Mafias, Monopolies, NSA, NWO, Pedo-Rings, Prison Industry, SWAT, Totalitarianism, Usury, Wall St, Yellow Journalism, Zionism)

18,317 subscribers18,318 subscribers18,320 subscribers, a community for 8 months

/s/farming: farming

This is Saidit's community for agriculture and farming. Please keep it civil and friendly, and keep posts related to the agricultural field (pun intended).

16,277 subscribers16,278 subscribers16,280 subscribers, a community for 6 months

/s/Zoomies: /s/Zoomies

This sub is for all videos, images, and gifs of happy animals zooming around.

15,924 subscribers15,925 subscribers15,927 subscribers, a community for 6 months

/s/furry: furries; fans of anthropamorphic animals

A furry, at its base, is a fan of anthropomorphic animal characters. This sub is for those people.

15,903 subscribers15,904 subscribers15,906 subscribers, a community for 6 months

/s/Zoophilia: Zoophilia: an accepting community for discussion, support, and other things

We're here to discuss zoophilia, and be a place where zoophiles can openly discuss issues that effect them, and their lives as zoos in general. This is not the place to discuss the ethics of zoophilia as a whole, though discussing specific practices is welcome. I plan to create another community soon to discuss the morality of zoophilia and other aspects of sexual morality. Also, remember no porn of any kind per saidit's rules... (continued in sidebar)

15,875 subscribers15,876 subscribers15,878 subscribers, a community for 6 months

/s/Energy: Energy - electricity batteries hydrogen wind solar currents tides thorium nuclear fossil fuels


Electricity, Hydrogen Fuel, Wind Power, Solar Power, Ocean Marine Current Power, Tidal Power, Thorium-Based Nuclear Power, Uranium-Based Nuclear Power, Petro-dollar, Peak Oil, Petroleum, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing / Fracking, Fossil Fuel, Fuel Oil, Coal, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Electric Batteries, Energy Storage, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Free Energy, GEET Technologies, Suppressed Alternative Solutions, etc.

15,103 subscribers15,104 subscribers15,106 subscribers, a community for 5 months

/s/PEoPLeFUckinGDyINg: fURrY AniMaLS SlAUghTeRIng inNOcenT hOoMAn BeINgS

10,631 subscribers10,632 subscribers10,634 subscribers, a community for 4 months