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/s/RulingClass: Ruling Class

Ruling Class

may include: Banksters, City Of London Inc., Congress, Corporatocracy, Democrat, Elites, Globalism, Hegemony, Hollywood, Illuminati, Kakistocracy, Mecca, Monopolies, NeoCons (Neo-Conservatives / Neo-Liberals), New World Order, Oligarchs, Parliament, Pedophocracy, Political Puppets, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Rockefellers, Royals, Senate, Technocracy, Totalitarianism, Trust Fund Babies, Wall Street, Washington Consensus, Washington D.C., Vatican, Ziocons

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/s/PsyOps: PsyOps - Psychological Operations

PsyOps - Psychological Operations

PsyOps are psychological operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

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/s/TheAntiWokeLeft: The Anti-Woke Left

A community designed for left-leaning people who are against the woke movement within the left-wing. You are not alone.

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/s/ClassWar: ClassWar = Machiavellianism is the world's greatest problem.


Machiavellianism is the world's greatest problem.

Chaos, suffering, debt, division, tribal political theater, saber rattling, fake news, real wars, propaganda, censorship, psy-ops, social engineering, and manufactured consent... All giant DISTRACTIONS preventing us from organizing resistance to the exploitative and murderous ruling class orchestrating it all. Nothing matters more than rejecting the corrupt matrix of rigged systems and those leading at the top.

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/s/CultureWars: CultureWars - analysis of social engineered chaos to distract, divide, and weaken us under tyranny


Analysis of the social engineering that is intentionally creating chaos to manufacture consent for more authoritarianism, greater regulation (selectively-enforced), and global tyranny - all while distracting from real issues and dividing us making us weak and unable to focus on fighting the ruling class.

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/s/Corporatocracy: Corporatocracy = Capitalism + Communism merged with Big Business into a New Normal World Order


The Big Government "Capitalist" and "Communist" lines have blurred and merged into one globalist Zionist totalitarianist "New Normal World Order", fusing with billionaire and oligarch owned Big Business into humanity's worst dystopian Orwellian nightmare: the technocratic Corporatocracy.

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/s/Tyranny: Tyranny


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/s/Technocracy: Technocracy = selected science "experts" non-representative New-Normal World Order governance


Technocracy is non-representative governance by "experts", selected (by the ruling class) for their scientific or technical knowledge rather than political affiliations or parliamentary skills (allegedly). This corrupt science of the totalitarian globalist Zionist corporatocratic "New-Normal World Order" results in Agenda 21, class war, surveillance, full spectrum dominance, and corporate media "reality" control for humanity's worst nightmare.

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/s/PoliticalPrisoners: PoliticalPrisoners


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/s/LateStageDemocracy: Late Stage Democracy

Banned by reddit, revived on Saidit!

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