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/s/DecentralizeAllThings: Decentralize authority, internet, and all things for greater freedom.

Decentralize All Things

Decentralize all things. Decentralize all monopolies and hegemony. Decentralize the banks. Decentralize corporate power. Decentralize all levels of government. Decentralize power of police back into the communities. Decentralize the Internet.

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/s/TinFoilHat: Tin Foil Hat and all things related to Tin Foil Hattery.

Tin Foil Hat

and all things related to Tin Foil Hattery.

Not all Tin Foil Hat podcast episodes will be posted, just the A+ or better shows.

If you can't laugh at yourself then cry, cry until you die.

Submission is death! - Resistance is life! - Brilliance is dull. - Wit is it!


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/s/ElectionsUSA2020: Elections USA 2020 - The American divisive circus and distracting theatrical of the absurd.

Elections USA 2020

The American divisive circus and distracting theater of the absurd is an illusion pretending you have any choice, say, or representation under the global totalitarian corporatocracy.

They will never discuss the real issues that really matter.

All you patriotic sleeping sheeple, welcome to your American Nightmare.

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/s/RulingClass: Ruling Class

Ruling Class

may include: Banksters, City Of London Inc., Congress, Corporatocracy, Democrat, Elites, Globalism, Hegemony, Hollywood, Illuminati, Kakistocracy, Mecca, Monopolies, NeoCons (Neo-Conservatives / Neo-Liberals), New World Order, Oligarchs, Parliament, Pedophocracy, Political Puppets, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Rockefellers, Royals, Senate, Technocracy, Totalitarianism, Trust Fund Babies, Wall Street, Washington Consensus, Washington D.C., Vatican, Ziocons

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/s/SocialMedia: Social Media - centralized monopolies for data mining and spreading propaganda for unjust systems

Social Media

Centralized corporate technocracy monopolies mine users data while providing controlled divisive propaganda narratives without context to social engineer speech, thought, subservience, and manufacture consent for endless war and illusory unjust systems, all the while addicting, isolating, and weakening us.

17,878 subscribers17,879 subscribers17,881 subscribers, a community for 7 months

/s/USIsrael: US Israel Relations

US Israel Relations

This critical relationship demands focus with a dedicated sub, not to be confused nor conflated with pros and cons of each nation nor their citizens.

Civil criticisms of the governments, policies, and their actions are welcome. Anti-Semitism won't be tolerated nor lazy use of "the Jews". Be specific or be blocked.

It's fair to say, "Zionists have a superiority complex belief in a right to deceive, enslave, and exploit humanity, and murder goyim as they see fit."

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/s/CorporateMedia: Corporate Media - 6 monopolies' propaganda deceive, divide, manipulate, socially engineer, exploit

Corporate Media

Legacy "mainstream" media of only 6 monopolies' produce propaganda to deceive, divide, manipulate, and socially engineer all of humanity to be easily governed, exploited, and exterminated by psychotic Machiavellian elite for full spectrum dominance under their techno-corporatocracy.

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/s/AlternativeMedia: Alternative Media - not the "mainstream" legacy nor social media monopolies' propaganda tools

Alternative Media

AKA Independent Media.

Anything other than "mainstream" legacy media or centralized social media propaganda tools of the corporatocracy.

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/s/PoliticalAnalysis: Political Analysis - how and why

Political Analysis

Understanding how and why are just as important as knowing who said or did what, where, and when for a fuller picture.

"Mainstream" corporate political news rarely provides much context by critically breaking down reports, statements, ideas, dogmas, tribalism, leaders, actions, policies, economics, class, division, manipulation, exploitation, corruption, extermination, wars, technology, history, and the politics of our world.

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/s/Radiation: Radiation + 5G - health effects, electromagnetic spectrum radiation, 5G, WiFi, nuclear, etc

Radiation + 5G

Radiation covers health effects and all electromagnetic spectrum radiation, 5G, WiFi, smart meters, Internet of things, nuclear radiation, EMPs, CMEs, radiation in space, etc.

From long wavelength low frequency low energy to short wavelength high frequency high energy - radio, mircowaves, radar, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, and ionizing radiation as extreme ultraviolet, X-rays, or gamma rays.

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