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/s/911truth: 911truth


Present and discuss evidence showing that the US Government's version of the events of 9/11 cannot possibly be true. Submissions or comments supporting the official version, including links to sites purporting to "debunk" the 9/11 Truth Movement (depending on context), are considered off-topic here.

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/s/Crime: Crime


Corporate Crime, Crimes Against Animals Humanity & Nature, Cyber, Drugs, Fraud, Hate, Petty, Police, Scams, Sex Crimes, State Crime, Theft, ThoughtCrime, True Crime, Violent Crime, Vivisection, War Crime... + Organized Crime (All Governments, Banksters, Big Pharma, Bush-Clinton-Royal Families, CFR, CIA, DoD, 5-Eyes, Insurance, IRS, Lobbyists, Mafias, Monopolies, NSA, NWO, Pedo-Rings, Prison Industry, SWAT, Totalitarianism, Usury, Wall St, Yellow Journalism, Zionism)

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/s/RulingClass: Ruling Class

Ruling Class

may include: Banksters, City Of London Inc., Congress, Corporatocracy, Democrat, Elites, Globalism, Hegemony, Hollywood, Illuminati, Kakistocracy, Mecca, Monopolies, NeoCons (Neo-Conservatives / Neo-Liberals), New World Order, Oligarchs, Parliament, Pedophocracy, Political Puppets, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Rockefellers, Royals, Senate, Technocracy, Totalitarianism, Trust Fund Babies, Wall Street, Washington Consensus, Washington D.C., Vatican, Ziocons

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/s/PsyOps: PsyOps - Psychological Operations

PsyOps - Psychological Operations

PsyOps are psychological operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

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/s/OpenScience_Scientism: OpenScience_Scientism - transparent process of discovery VS faith in proprietary corporate secrets


The transparent process of discovery to share knowledge VS blind faith in proprietary corporate secrets for profit and control.

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/s/Agenda21_Agenda2030: Agenda21_Agenda2030 - The ruling class is herding humanity into their trap.


Agenda 21/2030 intends to strip humanity of all our freedoms and herd us all into crowded cities trapped there dependent on universal basic income and a rigged social credit system in disposable consumerist rental lifestyles, leaving the rest of the planets resources and wealth to the control and whims of the technocratic ruling class.

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/s/Terminology: Terminology: definitions, jargon, meanings, nomenclature, phrases, sayings, terms, vernacular, words


Contexts, definitions, glossaries, jargon, lingo, meanings, nomenclature, onomatopoeias, phraseology, phrases, sayings, slang, terminology, terms, vernacular, words, xenolinguistics.

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/s/Tyranny: Tyranny


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/s/ResistanceAnalysis: ResistanceAnalysis - Organize and resist as hard, as long, and as much as possible.


Organize and resist as hard, as long, and as much as possible.

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/s/Zionism: Zionism


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