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/s/Micronations: Micronations and breakaway civilizations :)

The sub for everything micronations and breakaway civilizations and things related to them :)

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/s/USIsrael: US Israel Relations

US Israel Relations

This critical relationship demands focus with a dedicated sub, not to be confused nor conflated with pros and cons of each nation nor their citizens.

Civil criticisms of the governments, policies, and their actions are welcome. Anti-Semitism won't be tolerated nor lazy use of "the Jews". Be specific or be blocked.

It's fair to say, "Zionists have a superiority complex belief in a right to deceive, enslave, and exploit humanity, and murder goyim as they see fit."

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/s/Energy: Energy - electricity batteries hydrogen wind solar currents tides thorium nuclear fossil fuels


Electricity, Hydrogen Fuel, Wind Power, Solar Power, Ocean Marine Current Power, Tidal Power, Thorium-Based Nuclear Power, Uranium-Based Nuclear Power, Petro-dollar, Peak Oil, Petroleum, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing / Fracking, Fossil Fuel, Fuel Oil, Coal, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Electric Batteries, Energy Storage, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Free Energy, GEET Technologies, Suppressed Alternative Solutions, etc.

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/s/AskScience: Ask Science

Everything that you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. Ask any question related to science. Stay friendly, but no censorship on questions or answers! Jokes are allowed!
Use <tags> to state the viewpoint and seriousness.

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/s/Braindance: Braindance - Nod your mind

The sub for Intelligent Dance Music (IDM)

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/s/SPQR: Senātus Populusque Rōmānu

Populus Rōmānus in Roman literature is a phrase meaning the government of the People. When the Romans named governments of other countries, they used populus in the singular or plural, such as populī Prīscōrum Latīnōrum, "the governments of the Old Latins". Rōmānus is the established adjective used to distinguish the Romans, as in cīvis Rōmānus, "Roman citizen".

a community for 5 months