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/s/CrackWatch: CrackWatch

Welcome to Crack Watch, your latest piracy news forum that brings you the latest news in video game piracy, scene releases and DRM in general

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/s/MovieNight: Watch and enjoy your favorite movies with your favorite saidheads!

A get together of chums, pals, buddies, amigos, and borderline acquaintances all enjoying our favorite movies! Every Friday at 8pm (ET) I or some other trusted companion will be streaming a movie of our choice (based on community suggestions) for all to see. Don't be shy; movie night is a sort of virtual oasis for all the different flavors of people! For just a few hours I hope to provide a place where we can all just sit back and share the joys of cinema!

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/s/GRU: GamersRiseUp

The only OFFICIAL sub of GamersRiseUp.

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/s/RadicalFeminism_ppf: For Radical Feminism and a PinkPillfeminism alt sub

Another optional place for PinkPillFeminism and radical feminists. Civil discussion only, and women only. No men, no anti-feminists, no trolls.

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/s/StandUpWindsor: StandUpWindsor : awareness & resistance against lockdowns & tyranny in Canada


The awareness and resistance against lockdowns and tyranny is organizing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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/s/Animation: Animation: News, Shorts, and Guidance into the colourful world.

A home for sharing, and discussing animation of all kinds.

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/s/Lokinet: Lokinet

A blockchain based, private, and censorship resistant network

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/s/cyberanakinvader: Cyber Anakin

Hi, I'm Cyber Anakin.

This is my personal sub where I will post my stuffs and announcements.

Allegiance: Self affiliated, ideally wishing that the long term outcome will be within orbit of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I'm not very active here though.

Subreddit rules

Ethereum wallet: 0x49fb8aa9b02750355ea4D457822F10284DA54262

May the force be with you.

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/s/WEFringe: WEFringe


Windsor Essex Freedom Resistance Inclusive Networking Group Emails for diverse local communities to survive in the age of global tyranny under the ruling class.

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/s/RESAnnouncements: RESAnnouncements


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