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/s/HumanMicrobiome: Human Microbiome

Studies, articles, and discussion related to the human microbiome. With an evidence-based focus.

The microbiome is a rapidly growing area of research, and has been linked to nearly every illness currently beyond medical capabilities. Many causation studies also exist.

Join us if you want to keep up to date with how our microbiomes impact all areas of human health, and to see what implications it will have for you.

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/s/CorporateMedia: Corporate Media - 6 monopolies' propaganda deceive, divide, manipulate, socially engineer, exploit

Corporate Media

Legacy "mainstream" media of only 6 monopolies' produce propaganda to deceive, divide, manipulate, and socially engineer all of humanity to be easily governed, exploited, and exterminated by psychotic Machiavellian elite for full spectrum dominance under their techno-corporatocracy.

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/s/Hardstyle: For the Harder Styles of Electronic Music

A place to post your favorite tracks or discuss about anything of The Harder Styles of Music.

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/s/FIRE: Financial Independence / Retiring Early

A sub dedicated to the planning, questions, and discussion of Financial Independence (FI) and Retiring Early (RE).

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/s/thecinemassacre: Cinemassacre Sub

A subsaidit for the Cinemassacre channel.

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/s/soccerstreams: Soccerstreams

  1. Link directly to the stream. The only exception to this rule is YT streams.

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/s/BannedOnReddit: Things Reddit Censors

This is the place to repost all the comments, links, ideas and arguments that have been censored by Reddit.

Let's face it, we are all here because of the weight of the iron boot on our necks when challenging the propaganda of ultra leftists who control most of the media today. So say what you wanted to say here.

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/s/BlackPillScience: Black Pill Science

Similiar to r/BlackPillScience, if the subreddit over there gets nuked, consider posting studies here.

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