Janice Turner: The woke left is the new Ministry of Truth by ferfaffle in GenderCritical

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"The worst of cancel culture is not a high-profile career assassination but what follows. Silence: the deadening effect upon institutions or individuals scared into self-censorship in case they too face an angry throng."

[Serious] Why can people almost always tell someone's sex? by GCSeedling in GenderCritical

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Reminds me of the Anatomy Class episode of the The Magnus Archives - when the whole class suddenly starts breathing after the teacher explains how the lungs work.

[Serious] Why can people almost always tell someone's sex? by GCSeedling in GenderCritical

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I used to live in a big city and walk in a crowded downtown every day and it became sort of a game to me to try to make assumptions about people from behind before I caught up to them. NO BREASTS. NO MAKEUP. NO VOICE to be making assumptions off of.

Things I found out:

You can tell someone is male by the way the walk even when they're in heels because of their calf shape: men have less body fat, so the muscles are more defined, giving an a more angular look, especially on the interior silhouette.

If they're wearing pants and a coat, you can tell someone is male by the way they walk: when they take a step forward their knee extends and their foot ends up closer to the center of their body. When women step forward their knees tend to angle inwards while their ankles kick outwards more, because of hip joint placement).

Even men with long hair can be pegged as men from the back, usually due to the skull shape, and if they have a ponytail, from the size of the neck in proportion.

Additionally, male shoulders tend to move more when they walk (right foot forward left shoulder forward) whereas women tend to be more balanced above the waist, possible due to a lower center of gravity.

But I've also had ftm classmates who I talked to for months before finding out they were trans.

Who is out with their hairy legs this summer? by materialrealityplz in GenderCritical

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Act like it's their problem not yours, because it is.

Maybe you'll inspire some other ladies out there, who knows?

Cult expert identifies mind control techniques used in hypnotic porn which convinced detransitioners that they were trans by raslyana in GenderCritical

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"Transactivists love to compare humans to clownfish, or even slugs, when a better comparison would be cuttlefish.

Weaker male cuttlefish will disguise themselves as females so they can get close to them and attempt to mate without stronger males noticing."

Oh man

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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They blew their perfect chance to completely scrub GC talk from reddit. They could have all pretended we disappeared like wayward dandelions fluff.

What is the most realistic solution/compromise regarding the bathroom/locker room question, in your opinion? by venecia in GenderCritical

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I heard it was different in Europe, but in America it's really rare to find bathroom stalls with actual walls or partitions that run floor to ceiling with no cracks.

There's even an embarrassing lack of privacy around other women sometimes, when the toilet seat is sometimes about even level with the bottom of the stall.


Some good things that have come from this... by reallylovesguacamole in GenderCritical

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the fascinating thing is, they can't hate on any gendercritical content without simultaneously acknowledging that it exists.

Wherever we go, they'll have to go in order to get their hate-content. Free advertising in a way.

Men following GCF by woodrup in GenderCritical

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Just Google "YouTube to MP4".

Men following GCF by woodrup in GenderCritical

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One of the first things I did after GC went down was download all of Magdalen Bern's videos. If they ever go down I can put them back up somewhere.