Protestors In Hong Kong Are Cutting Down Facial Recognition Towers [GIF] by magnora7 in whatever

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China 6000 yrs history V US Regime history 250 ? USA is Built on Stolen Labour and Stolen Land . US Regime is built on the back of slavery and racism, war, war crimes and...........Russia ♩ ♪ China ♫ ♬ Iran ♭ ♮Russia ♩ ♪ China ♫ ♬ Iran ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 Cuba🎵 🎶♩Cuba ♪ Syria♫ ♬Syria ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 🎵 🎶♮ ♯ 🎼 Chain 🎵 China 🎶♩Iran ♪ ♯ 🎼 Cuba🎵 🎶♩Cuba ♪ Syria♫ ♬Syria ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 🎵 🎶♮ ♯ 🎼 Chain 🎵 China 🎶♩Iran ♪

Will America Fall Like British Empire? Donald Trump's rant against Iran is the howl of a dying empire Banana Republic (Big Bully) USA Pentagon senior adviser said US support for Israel was due to ‘Israeli lobby’ money. Thursday 19 November 2020 (BST) 07.00 ⌛ ⌚ Case study PHD Research GO↳TO➜

↳➽⇢America Periodically Replaces One Monster President With Another Monster President to keep public happy. ➤ The people have no role in US elections Clown Presidents Periodically sing the song Russia ♩ ♪ China ♫ ♬ Iran ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 Cuba🎵 🎶♩Cuba ♪ Syria♫ ♬Syria ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 🎵 🎶♮ ♯ 🎼 Chain 🎵 China 🎶♩Iran ♪ ➽ Banana Republic US Evil Intentions/Sanctions- IRAN-CHINA-RUSIA-... ➽USA Election-If you are not a Zionist puppet you won't be elected. ➽➤ US has plenty Killer Cops ➽ Land of countless Serial Killers ➽⇢➤ Communities Run on Drugs ⇢➤ Porn Industry (mega-corps) ➤ Criminal Companies ➽➤United State of America Controlled by Jewish Billionaires, Managed by Neocons ➽➤ Wall Street Looters/exploiters/Cheaters/... ⇢➤Corrupt Politicians ➽➤Cash-for-questions affair ➽Lobbying for profit making ➽Act more directly: by giving money. Increasingly, lobbyists are ensuring contributions are made from the grass roots up to president's sons and.. ⇢➤Invading Army-Warmongering ➽War criminal Army ⇢➤ Use of Torture-waterboarding ⇢➤Rendition ➜⇢Carpet bombing ➤ Newton's Laws of Motion is not working in Banana Republic USA, According to Newton's third law of motion, whenever two objects interact, they exert equal and opposite forces on each other. This is often worded as 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction'. act on two different objects Ceased to obey. Re-9/11 ⇢➤Killing 100,000,000 defenceless people since arrival of European in N-C-S America ➽➤Regime Change Policies ➤Legalized Mass Murder ⇢Caging Refugee Children ➤Separating Refugee Children from their mother ➤Prison run like a Business ➽⇢➤School Shootings ➽➤Gun Culture ⇢➤Rapes ➤➜Racism ⇢➤Xenophobia ➜⇢Islamophobia ➤➜Gated communities ➤➤➜Slum Ghettos ➜Million Without Healthcare ➜⇢Millions Living Pay Check to Pay Check ⇢➤For hardest jobs minimum wages $11.00/Hrs ➜➜Millions Unemployed ⇢➤History of Genocide ➤➜History of Slavery ➤History of Segregation ⇢History of Making War ➤➜False Flag Inventors ➤Drive-by killers ⇢No National healthcare for poor, refugees, cheap labour ➜Mass Bankruptcies ➜⇢Housing -US home repossessions rocket to record levels | US housing ⇢➤Colonial history of the United States ➜⇢Weird Cults ➜⇢Strange Beliefs ➤Insane Neocons ➜⇢Elite Sexual Abusers ➜Black Lives doesn't Matter ➤Rioting ➤Looting ➤Fascism ➤Racism ➤Deluded Fundamentalist Religious Sects ⇢➤Adult 0besity ➜⇢Child Obesity ➜Animal cruelty ⇢➤Mental Illness ➜Depression ➜➤⇢Suicide ➜⇢Mass Social Mistrust ➜⇢Film Industry Violence ➜⇢Film Industry and CIA ➜⇢Ever-rising Prices ⇢➤Vast National Debt ⇢➤Fascistic Police ➜⇢Militarized Police ➤➤➜Mass Incarceration ➜Poisonous Foods ⇢➤Stagnant Wages ➜Alienation ⇢rumbling Infrastructure ⇢➤Pedophile EVERYWHERE ➜1⇢Fake Democracy ➜1⇢Farce and Sham Democracy ➜Warmongering Politicians ➤➜Perpetual Wars-Never Ending Wars-War Profiteering ➜⇢Mass Surveillance ➤⇢➤➜Media Propaganda ➜⇢Predatory Capitalism News in Brief in Brief ➤⇢➤Latest sanctions show US' evil intentions to sow division in Lebanon: Lawmaker

➽ ⌛ Action 29-12-2020 (BST) 07:47 AM ⌚007⌚ People Are Shocked to See Haj Qasim's Ring by 7dej19 in AlternativeNews

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Outstanding SAIDIT 10/10 5****

Is Saiddit is cool enough not to ban some one for typing 'nigger'? by turn_coat in AskSaidIt

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You are working against remember 'VOAT'

Is Saiddit is cool enough not to ban some one for typing 'nigger'? by turn_coat in AskSaidIt

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'Free speech for Racist, KKK...' Reddit Clone Voat is Dead. We are working on Well you can sau what you want but no racism please. Calling me 'VOAT' I brought them down with my DOTS.COM Mathematical Process Model. Watch how I will bring down phuks. Fine you hate us but no insult. Freedom of speech is not about insulting because we don't like black, yellow, pink.

Is Saiddit is cool enough not to ban some one for typing 'nigger'? by turn_coat in AskSaidIt

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My full reply here . Also, as PHD Topics also look for more reply. 'Free speech for Racist, KKK...' Reddit Clone Voat is Dead.We are working on Please remember to look for HIGH TEC-TYRANT SUSPENDED ME 11 TIMES 1% NEWS HIGH TEC-TYRANT SUSPENDED ME 20 TIMES 1% NEWS


15% NEWS

5 IN TOTAL 5% NEWS 15% NEWS 20% NEWS 25% NEWS 10% NEWS Premature Born 1% NEWS 1000 WORDS LIMITED 5% NEWS 10% NEWS 0% NEWS WATSEFUL

NOTE: It doesn't add up to 100% You tell me why?

The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World - Full Documentary by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Thank you excellent to post it-I have posted here for a PHD Research students to look at.

A request please by 7dej19 in SaidIt

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I agree kind of you Moderator can you look at RADDLE.ME when URL is added automatically the title comes up. It is important for a teacher like me it saves time for me... sorry to say I am no. 1 person with the highest website in the world. I sent a message to all if there is anyone with more Social Media...I will give him/her a carpet or a cat.