Majority of gender-confused children grow out of it by adulthood: Netherlands study by noshore4me in WorldNews

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A child can’t possibly be certain that it’s the right call.

Another Teenager Dies after Cardiac Arrest, 5k Run by [deleted] in news

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You were closely monitoring cardiac arrest events before Covid?

One third of Democrats will vote for Kennedy if he runs as Independent … by [deleted] in politics

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What exactly do you expect any U.S. president to do about the jews?

Gender Critical by BeeGee in Introductions

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anybody who is at all critical of the trans movement is silenced, shouted down, excoriated, or worse everywhere else.

Welcome to how it feels to be not on the left of any issue. This ought to be an opportunity for you to recognize that your side's tactics are fucked up.

Man fined for standing and silently praying for his own dead son outside an abortion clinic by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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This was back during the "it's impossible to be racist >towards white people" B's

Why are you talking about that like it's in the past, it's only gotten worse.

California mass shooting leaves at least 10 dead, others injured at Lunar New Year festival; suspect at large by [deleted] in news

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Not if you're the first one to rush. It's game theory at work.


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Damn you are soooo smart

Former KGB member explains how communists are taking over America by Vulptex in conspiracy

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They're two cheeks of the same ass. The rainbow flag people want an authoritarian state to intervene on their behalf socially. Communists want the state to intervene on their behalf economically. It's the same ideology.

Former KGB member explains how communists are taking over America by Vulptex in conspiracy

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I had a high school friend group who I've known for 13 years that I kept in touch with through group chat after school. We barely saw eachother after graduating but we'd still be on the group chat everyday fucking around and trying to make eachother laugh. Then I witnessed this slow and awful slide firsthand. It seemed to start when a bunch of them joined Twitter. Most of them became extremely far-left but more importantly hostile to anyone who wasn't. They also seemed to more or less stop having thoughts of their own and would share tweets of other people's opinions more often than say anything substantive themselves. Most of it was about how anyome not far-left was a terrible person. I've never cared too much to get into politics but I had to carry around the secret knowledge that they would hate me and call me a right-wing bigot if they knew that I was basically centrist and not onboard with their leftwing extremism and it hurt. I just couldn't believe that they couldn't see how things used to be so much better and more fun for everyone before they got that way and what that might mean about the effects of their beliefs. I don't think they were having fun either anymore cause everyone just seemed mad all the time. Had to leave and it hurt. But it hurts more to see the same thing going down on a large scale. We're building a world where people aren't allowed to be people with their differences and points of view. You'll be allowed to be gay, black, trans etc. but you won't be allowed to be a complex person. Pretty bad tradeoff imo.

This is gonna sound nuts, but, I think they are trying to kill us. To reduce our population, for alien ruling. by [deleted] in conspiracy

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I don't know how y'all have gotten the idea that people are capable of this evil mastermind shit. I see nothing but deranged idiots all the way up to the top. I think you'd rather believe that there is some logic to the world, even if it's evil logic, than accept that we're just stupid and global society has accelerated beyond our control.

Transgender woman, 24, who stabbed her parents to death in 2016 after they 'refused to accept transition' is moved to medium-risk mixed-gender Maine prison where 'she's being housed with women' by [deleted] in politics

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Every time there's violence against a trans person it's blamed on critics of the movement. So surely this violence will be blamed on supporters of the movement, right? Fair is fair.

Musk was a Hero All Along by Rastafoo in memes

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Or maybe he's just a silly rich dude

I'm losing it over how great this is: Democrats let the FTX fraud go on for a year to suck everything out of crypto speculators who lean more right. This level of corruption now means no deposit at any financial institution is safe. The USA is hurtling towards the end. Prepare for civil war. by [deleted] in corruption

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The vast majority of people don't know or give a shit what FTX is including me. And we're gonna go to civil war over it?

Don't you think it's weird how SaidIt has more freedom of speech than 4chan or Reddit? by MrHonest in censorship

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Just curious, what free speech limits are on 4chan? I don't go there much anymore but it used to be the "anything goes" place and looking at it now there's still plenty of very unkosher material.

POWER GRID FAILURE - This is very unusual to see so many locations without power. It looks as bad as when a hurricane hits, but with the damage spread out to more states. ~ ~ ~ Are you affected at all? Those without power might not visit Saidit today. by In-the-clouds in news

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Your god sounds thoroughly retarded. All-powerful being, spending his time tinkering around with power grids like some kind of autistic electrician.

Looking To The Mainstream Media For Truth Is Like Looking To A Prostitute For Love by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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I've seen this a million times and it always stops short of being useful in any way. Because the obvious follow-up question "alright, who should I trust then?" is never answered. And maybe the person's implicit answer is [x other YouTube personality or alt news source that they couldn't give a single solid reason why is more trustworthy than mainstream media]. No one person can possibly manage to gather all of the information needed on a global scale to fully understand a subject but no entity of combined resources can be trusted. Seems like it's just fucked, no?

How is Saidit being advertised if at all? by PotatoesTomatoes in AskSaidIt

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And then they'll ruin it.

People Dropping by StillLessons in whatever

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You guys are fucking retarded lmao.