reddit users targeted for pirating onlyfans and other subscription model images by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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If porn is legal on free expression/art grounds while prostitution is not, i see no justification for paid/funded pornographic content existing as a market

Therefore people who pirate such materials are doing the lords work in undermining the system that promotes the sexual exploitation of people :)

Shill/bot upvoting? by Intuit in SaidIt

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I (and I think, M7) would agree with the last sentence, and I appreciate the detailed answer, but as you can probably guess, I am referring specifically to alt-right individuals who support the '88 Precepts' and are trying to influence various websites in order to push their agendas. It's not "hurr durr" guesswork. Anyone on Saidit has already seen plenty of it, but here are some lists of the resources used by these alt-right groups to spread disinformation and propaganda:

You'll have to forgive my ignorance, but I haven't so much as glanced at fringe lunatics like the Daily Stormer or Stormfront in a couple years, and AFAIK nothing of the sort has popped up recently on 4chan, so I was asking if there was evidence in a group like that of them specifically trying to raid other sites as they have done (though to a rather pathetically small scale) in the past

Because I am in fact aware of those groups and other fringe lunatics doing this sort of thing on their own

But the fact I haven't even come across a reference to one such group, and the lunatics-in-question are coming from some vague "organically organized hate machine", I have to assume there is a false-identity shill op going on are some lists of the resources used by these alt-right groups to spread disinformation and propaganda:

None of that is a link to a group pushing something

By contrast, I can find you several examples from leftist-extremists talking about doing this all the time, though they usually reference things organized in non-public forums

...I think radicalising libs is one of the strengths of as it has a pretty inclusive and humorous vibe which other left subs dont really have, plus as many people face the choice between trump and biden amongst the chaos of 2020 they are starting to realise how little power and control they have over their own lives.

Not trying to hype up the importance of this place, it’s ultimately just a niche corner of extremely online weirdos but it’s the best thing I’ve found out there.

hey brigaders did you know that terfs created a reddit alternative too?



7 months

I’m so glad I get to say this here without fear of getting banned:


So what I'm asking is for an equivalent to any of that, regarding the fringe groups you are talking about

I'm especially suspicious because quite a few of the most anti-social "right wing extremist" groups I've seen, like Atomwaffen, have had their communications organizers (the people leading the posting of the most hateful, incendiary stuff) actually end up being diehard leftists/antifas who "leak" information to publications all the time, and are actually just trying to manipulate normal but guillable idiots into acting out the stereotype of some hateful, racist/ect asshole who is a threat to public security

Shill/bot upvoting? by Intuit in SaidIt

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The daily astroturf person or people are - seems to me - using QBoogaloo Oath Keeper Nazi extremists language in their posts (eg. 8/8 upvotes& topics), even though - as /u/magnora7 has noted - they are also mainly trying to kill engagement at Saidit, or at the very least they're pushing an '88 Precepts' agenda, for whatever reason.

Shills are shills, the ideology is less relevant

The problem however is that there are virtually no right wing groups (or even extremist/fringes) with the organizational prowess to engage in shill efforts with the intent to disrupt a website, outside of some (fringe) forums that might target a site

So if there's a lack of heavily populated fringe forums explicitly targeting a site, but the posters give over-the-top identifier labels, it's safe to assume the posters are assuming a false identity

Blaming that activity on "hurr durr the right wing extremist crowd" is as stupid as blaming "Russian bots" infiltrating the left

As political censorship escalates on social media, American spy agencies accuse Russia of running a fake left-wing news website called PeaceData. But there is no evidence for the FBI’s claims, and many questions remain unanswered.

By Ben Norton

...At the center of the intrigue is a suspicious website called PeaceData. The FBI and a Pentagon-backed private intelligence firm called Graphika claim the page is a Russian government vehicle for pushing disinformation in English, but there is no tangible evidence to support the claim — only a statement posted in comically broken English that sounds much more like someone trying to impersonate a Russian than sophisticated Kremlin operatives.

PeaceData was completely unknown before it was identified by the FBI as the heart of a supposed Russian disinformation scheme. The website had next to no following, with just 197 likes on Facebook, and negligible web traffic.

PeaceData published articles from a left-wing perspective, the majority of which criticized US military interventions and Western imperialism. Most of these posts were reprinted without permission from real, independent progressive news outlets.

Every aspect of PeaceData’s existence and online behavior appears suspicious. The only third party that had access to the website’s social media data is a Pentagon contractor called Graphika. This US government-backed tech firm prepared a lengthy report on PeaceData, but offered absolutely no proof that Moscow was behind it.

Another former PeaceData writer who was given a large platform in The Guardian previously interned for conservative Democrat Congressman Don Beyer, wrote anti-Russian articles, and pushes Russiagate narratives on social media.

Why would dubious and apparently compromised figures like these have leapt at the opportunity to write for an unknown website whose editorial line was so clearly at odds with their stated views? And how did that previously unknown online operation find these obscure figures?

I'd bet money that this brigading of 'undesirables' (me referring to people posting trash to repel others) is a pretext by some shill group trying to get u/magnora to ask for help with "cracking down on trolls"

Rebekah Jones, fired DOH employee, tweets video of police serving a warrant at her home for coronavirus data by magnora7 in news

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Maybe its nothing.... but I can't help but feel like there are a lot of details here made to get me to emotionally react in a certain way. The video cutting out before we see anyone but her and the cops... Its stated that she didn't come to the door for 20 minutes. Where's the video of that? Is it available? but just not on twitter?

Normally you'd be right

I personally lean towards believing this claim at face value due to the fact the behavior makes sense when muh "security clearances", and other forms of narrative management from gov't authorities, are at play