Frans Blok has created a detailed inverse map of the world, where the deepest spots in the ocean become the highest mountains and the highest mountains become the deepest part of the ocean by [deleted] in maps

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Americans are completely retarded now.

Americans scream that there's nothing wrong with Trump paying taxes to China if Biden did, too.

Americans think being groped by the TSA is just fine if Muslims are, too.

Americans say tyranny is wonderful if North Korea is a police state, too.

Ivermectin Adoption World Map by JasonCarswell in maps

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One of the problems with tyranny is that it increases.

Americans born today think torture, kill lists, groping, and wiretapping are perfectly acceptable.

There was a time when you didn't need a driver license. Later driver licenses were required. Driver licenses then needed a photo. Later you needed a written exam. A driving test was then required. Later you needed a medical test. A car inspection was required. Later you needed liability insurance. Driver license fees increased and fingerprints were required. Soon DNA samples, microchip implants, and vaccines will be needed to get a license.

A benefice is a reward received in exchange for services rendered and as a retainer for future services by [deleted] in Etymology

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Tyranny is not when a killer murders you. Tyranny is when the Gestapo murder you.

Tyranny is not when a store kicks you out. Tyranny is when the government says that you cannot go to the store.

Tyranny is not when Google records your web searches. Tyranny is when the NSA wiretaps you phone.

Tyranny is not when you get paid $1 per hour. Tyranny is when the government says that you must be paid $1 an hour.

Tyranny is not when cars are expensive. Tyranny is when government regulations make cars expensive.