South Korea to Build Hydrogen Production Facilities for 50,000 Vehicles This Year. "We will make efforts to become a leading country in the global hydrogen economy by establishing an early hydrogen mobility infrastructure without inconvenience to the people." by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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I think fully electric, solar rechargeable is gonna take over in 10 years. Hydrogen is too heavy to store and dangerous.

Any idea what to do with mountains of dead batteries? It is not cost effective to recycle Li-ion batteries in 2020. Also figure in the cost to replace them. Hydrogen is not heavy to store compared to batteries. When you pass a propane truck or a propane gas company with 1,000 gallon tanks do you think Propane is dangerous? Hydrogen is safer than propane.

H2 is a much better storage method than Li-ion. The cause of the explosion below has not been identified yet, over a year later.

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