China Preps Hydrogen Subsidy Regime to Go Even Cleaner Than Battery Electric Cars by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Bob Lazar(sp) has a hydrogen powered Corvette

The substance, and it's on the tip of my mind, but bah

Application of hydrides in hydrogen storage and compression: Achievements, outlook and perspectives LINK

My point is, the only reason hydrogen powered vehicles haven't become prominent in the US, is because of the US Govt, and the deep state behind them.

True- for more than just the lack of hydride storage- according to Stan Thompson, the "Father" of Hydrogen Rail, when Obama got into office he threw out all hydrogen funding and programs in favor of batteries. Just for politics, because he didn't like Bush. A disgrace. Well they can't stop the rest of the world now. It's full speed ahead for China, Japan and Korea.

Funny about Lazar- I contacted him some months ago and he didn't know that Toyota, Honda and Hyundai had hydrogen cars on the roads in California. These cars are using PEM fuel cells, not ICE with hydrogen fuel, which apparently surprised him. At that time he said batteries had made H2 obsolete. LOL It was a WTF moment!