George Soros talks about the need to crash the dollar for the sake of one world currency. how is this related to the banking crisis and cryptocurrencies? by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Crypto is now trackable as of 2018 if you make more than 1 transaction with your wallet, according to some programmer bros I met. The feds are cracking down on tax evasion with it too. Seems to draw alot of black market commerce.

Could be just another tool to try and destabilize currencies and markets. What better time to buy than when you artificially crash the market? 2008 really screwed everyone who was not rich, and transferred alot of wealth upward on the social ladder.

Might be a good idea to open an account and transfer some money to a stable currency, like Swiss Francs if you're worried about the dollar crashing.

Despite Trump saying that the US should seek to get the troops out of Syria, the US is setting up a new military base over there. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Not surprised, we want more vassal states and resources from them.

1 in 59 children has autism in US, CDC says - 150% increase from 2000 by magnora7 in news

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Yes. You will find that it has its own little culty fraternities too. Went to an ACP (american college of physicians) meeting, which is the second largest group representing the internal medicine specialty. You wouldn't believe the literal communist propaganda they are spewing. "Your labor does not belong to you, it belongs to the community..." with various justifications for the proposed elimination of the sovereign rights of the physicians it "represents." Made me want to start singing the soviet national anthem ;)

Access to the english translation of "G3kauft3 J0urnalist3n"? by DoKtor in books

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Comedy Central airing roasts of President Trump. Seems kinda fucked up and disrespectful... by CapnCrinklepants in The_Donald

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Comedy central turned into propaganda with a laugh track years ago.

1 in 59 children has autism in US, CDC says - 150% increase from 2000 by magnora7 in news

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I wouldn't be surprised. Its in the medical industry's best interest that it is not however, so I wonder how much counter research will come out. It certainly would have implications for attendings and residents.

1 in 59 children has autism in US, CDC says - 150% increase from 2000 by magnora7 in news

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Its interesting, and has potential. They posit that there is a synergistic effect (multiplicative rather than additive) of these toxic insults. WHats more interesting to me is that there seems to be differing genetic susceptibility between people. They did find that people living and who grew up in the same areas can have wildly different levels of fluoride in the pineal gland. There must be a genetic connection as well as an environmental insult.

I try to use as little deoderant as possible for that reason lol, they did NOT like me in the anatomy lab.

I think Fluoride is BS, but can have its place - IN toothpaste- that I spit out, and have the CHOICE of exposing myself to. Its absurd that they put it in the drinking water.

Alzheimers is such a mystery. we have an alzheimers specialist that does brain autopsies where I am and there is a ton of controversy in the field. Its poorly understood by the experts. What is known though is that you are more likely to develop alzheimers if you have less Beta amyloid in your cerebrospinal fluid, which means its not being cleared from the brain. (CSF is the trashman of the brain, and beta amyloid is trash). A

Antidepressants and Bladder Medicines Linked to Dementia in Landmark Study by magnora7 in news

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I hope to god the british aren't using tricyclic antidepressants casually. they are the literal most dangerous antidepressant in existance - the kind where if you OD your heart stops and you die.

I'm not sure if this is the chicken or the egg here. Depression in itself can be a prodrome for dementia, and there is already a correlation between the two. Not to mention that a cardinal feature of advanced Parkinsons disease is dementia.

In my personal experience, british medical journals like BMJ funded by their NIH are sketchy when it comes to reliability. They tend to push studies that are anti-interventionist and I have concerns that this is to save money for their great socialist utopia. For example: They touted an article with conclusions that per cutaneous coronary interventions (intravascular procedures to remove clots causing heart attacks) did not improve long term survival in certain types of heart attacks, and went so far as to suggest we do not intervene on these types of heart attacks, which means that we should let the tissue die -> which decreases heart function and puts you at risk of life threatening arrhythmias. - Messed up IMO

Something that isn't british that is concerning is the use of Proton Pump inhibitors. These are also linked to dementia. The shitty thing here is that proton pump inhibitors can help prevent esophageal cancer in people with chronic acid reflux and Barrett's esophagus. My assumption is that most people would rather die older of dementia than die younger of esophageal cancer.

Every drug has the potential to have an insane amount of side effects, the human body is super complex and we still do not know the biochemistry well. We have about 2 billion years of evolution to catch up on.

1 in 59 children has autism in US, CDC says - 150% increase from 2000 by magnora7 in news

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Its difficult because publicly funded research is behind a paywall, so you have to pay for the research you already paid for, but there are some leads. I have access to the whole thing, but the internet is so messed up I cant find anywhere to anonymously upload anything anymore.

What I think is more likely: Advanced maternal age we know is a risk factor for trisomy disorders (Downs, Edwards, trisomy 13) secondary to decreased ovarian reserve. Fact. There is in inflection point in fertility at age 35 where after that point fertility rapidly decreases. The rates of these disorders increases steadily until age 35, where the incidence of Down Syndrome is to the tune of 1/150.

Advanced Paternal age (older dads) - IS associated with higher rates of autism spectrum disorder. Also, male fertility wanes as males age, but not to the dramatic extent that women experience. With the American population aging, and people pushing off having kids later and later (I delivered babies to 40+ year old women on rotations), not to mention the social aspect - Men tend to gain more social power and desirability as their resources increase - often with age - It is not unreasonable to consider that decreased male sperm quality with age, along with yet unknown mutations and epigenetic changes is contributing to increasing rates of ASD.

Just look at the dating scene in NYC - men are starting to get married more often at later ages (30s/40s) and tend to date/marry women 10 years younger than them. Picture this - we have prenatal screening for Downs syndrome, Selective abortion happens. So older women having more babies may not increase the rate of Downs. We do NOT have prenatal screening for autism- it is a clinical diagnosis made often around age 2 or later. So Older men + younger women -> you have a perfect little storm of risk factors to dramatically increase autism rates.