KayCyy's 2022 XXL Freshman Freestyle by Enza in MusicVideos

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gosh darn, enza and his damn nigger music

You should listen to some Alan Watts lectures while your brain is still capable of learning new things and enjoying life for what it is :)

There are a good number of you on this site who are way too old to be as miserable and bitter as you are. 40+ year old men playing with sock accounts, thinking/acting like an edgy teen (lol) & apparently also gate keeping music, not even based on content, but the skin color of the artist?

It's not good to be that bitter and miserable!

I went 2 the beach at 4:30 AM 2 film the Sun-Rise so u didn't have 2; hope u have a great day if u see this :) by Enza in Life

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Netflix Conspiracy by AmericanMuskrat in conspiracy

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Fuck, socks, great comment. You just shocked me lol. I was trying to give a tl;dr version but you are correct, 100%. They're all connected and play different positions on the field.

And if you research one group like Black Rock or Citadel and keep climbing the ladder (or going deeper down the rabbit hole), you'll see how all these groups intersect, where & for what purpose, as well as how/why they work together for the same overall goal.

It was the Robinhood situation over a year ago when this first started that lead us to Melvin capital, Black Rock and citadel, their involvement & dirty deeds. Following them down the rabbit hole we were introduced to Blackstone (which also pointed at major groups like congress and "world organizations"), and many others. Superstonk literally has a digital library of 30+ solid "virtual books" on our discoveries as time went on & the proof - it's called the DD library for anyone new who wants to learn about this.

Netflix Conspiracy by AmericanMuskrat in conspiracy

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You're 100% right. Look into the Boston Consulting Group. This was all uncovered because of the gme situation, whether anyone here wants to believe it or not. We've uncovered a lot of roaches in the last year.

And they're starting to scatter, with more light seeping into their room exposing them.


Amazon works with BCG and is trying to take everything out. GME was one of those companies and got invaded by BCG too; that's why the board was plagued and replaced when Ryan Cohen came into the picture.

Any company in the last 20+ years that the BCG have been involved in were destroyed from the inside (radio shack, bed bath & beyond, Sears, toys r us, etc, zombie stocks).




Browse for yourself, learn how deep the rabbit hole goes. It's unbelievable people fell for this Wall Street shit for years and no one did anything about it on their terf. Wallstreet works for congress. Congress works for the World Economic Forum. Draw some lines and connect the dots.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/tnjmwf/bcg_research/ (click this link and the following if you click any)



You don't have to listen to me though, what do I know?



Be well everyone, take care of yourselves. Research /r/superstonk, fr. Do your own DD, this is not financial advice.

BCG is a nefarious parasite that seems to have infected every part of the world. And they aren't the men at top, they're just the shooters.

Edit: and they just opened an offshore location in Costa Rica: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/uarky8/looks_like_bankruptcy_causation_group_has_opened/

And did you know these fuckers were involved in a cancer treatment's demise (proven to work), that had just gone public? Citadel naked shorted it into the ground and destroyed the company.


Because a cure for cancer does not create reoccurring customers/slaves.

Putin should get a Nobel peace prize or something... by platonic1 in whatever

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Saidit, I introduce you to the voat stage of Saidit's evolution!

The way voat started and the path it took and the parallels to saidit's journey to date are seriously uncanny. Why even try to have serious conversation on this site anymore? Why put energy into a thoughtful response or sharing information when this has become the norm on SaidIt?

I joined this website maybe 6 months to a year after it first started, and even then, it was a great community that had fun but was also respectful and exchanged ideas. It's sad how far we've strayed. And I did try to help, and offered it.

/s/WhiteOwlSocialClub offers a small glimpse into how SaidIt & its users used to be.

Neil Young’s music quietly returns to Spotify amid Joe Rogan protest by Tarrock in politics

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I am purely an MP3 player with my own collection.

Cool, since you're a pure MP3 player & all, can you please play "Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl"? I assume it is in your collection?


If not, a song by them is acceptable too. Thanks!

Confirmed: BLM Activist Arrested For Assassination Attempt On Democrat In Kentucky by zyxzevn in politics

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Hold on there!

We need Penn State to conduct some research on this, so we know we know, for sure!

OG SaidIt, I miss your knowledge, your jokes, your kindness and the discussions we used to have. I miss you. by Enza in SaidIt

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sry man, I don't miss u and I certainly won't be missing u with "that gay shit", whatever that is, in ur perverted, degenerate mind.