Hey Guys, I Stole a Meme. Jason said it yesterday by hennaojichan in VaccineInjuries

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Haiti's president's death was completely expected by the Florida Man who murdered him. It was only unexpected by everyone who wasn't Florida Man.

'We Won't Be Human Guinea Pigs': 117 Doctors, Nurses Sue Over Forced 'Experimental' Vaccine by Drewski in NoNewNormal

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It is 100% their choice to get vaccinated or face the consequences of their choice not to.

Time Magazine Admits the Election was Rigged by the Elites to 'Save Democracy' by scrubking in politics

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Yes, many groups saw that with a pandemic people couldn't vote in person, and so they lobbies to allow for more mail-in voting as well as more time to receive and count those votes in the event that the mail was delayed. That's not a conspiracy to curtail democracy, that's just ensuring every citizen is able to cast a ballot.

Why does my pee smell bad after eating asparagus? by Optimus85 in MildlyInteresting

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Asparagus has poisons within it that are easily eliminated by the kidneys, which exist the body through the urinary tract. Eat too much asparagus and it can actually dehydrate you as your body uses its water reserves to help pull out the toxins. That said, the toxins are so mild they pose no threat and asparagus is so full of vitamins that it is definitely a good health food. Eating it will actually help your kidneys to perform more efficiently in spite of a small increase in work as you digest the plant.

Mass Killings in the United States, 2018 by Nemacolin in Lists

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Honestly, for a population of 330M, only 62 events with 330 deaths is starkly low. 0.0001% of the population killed in mass killings is honestly not much. For how much gun violence is reportedly attributed to the USA, I have to assume that most gun violence is just individuals attacking individuals (or themselves)?

Flu shots are really important, because the TV man said so. by useless_aether in DepopulationWatch

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Because the flu evolves so quickly, with a new strain every year, there is literally not enough time to do a controlled trial. By the time such a trial was even organized, let alone running it and evaluating the results, the flu would have mutated to another form and that particular vaccine would be worthless. For that matter, there are often multiple flu viruses per year so that having one vaccine will not protect you from the other versions of the virus.

That doesn't mean the vaccine is ineffective, it just means that the flu is so very VERY effective that no single vaccine can be manufactured and mass produced and distributed to an entire population fast enough to properly measure it. The vaccine will protect you from one flu. And next year, or even later in the year, you will need a new flu vaccine. And sometimes there will be flu viruses that we simply don't have a vaccine for because we didn't see it coming early enough, so you will never be fully protected. But refusing to get this one particular vaccine is sort of like refusing to wear a helmet on your bike one day because you might lose your helmet the next day and because protecting your head won't fully protect you from a crash. You should still wear that helmet. You should still get the flu shot.

The media is deliberately attempting to destroy our ability to properly prioritize important events by magnora7 in MediaAnalysis

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People mistake "I'm electing a representative and if they fail to represent my views I will elect someone who can better represent me," for "this person was elected so their views are best and I should also hold those views." The same people see media and think "they are giving this a lot of coverage, it must be important," rather than "the media is entertainment paid to deliver ads, and my consumption of this story increases their desire to circulate it to more people and to write more stories like it." Sadly these people are the vast majority. If you want different media coverage, you really do have to do some hard work reading long, difficult to follow pieces and you usually have to pay for them directly if you ever want to avoid the "mass produced entertainment" factor.

How to Grow Pumpkins by useless_aether in gardening

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Well shit, I tried planting mine in the fall and didn't hill them, just placed on top of soil with a hay topper. No wonder I have no sprouts.

"Ben Swann ON: Will The Economy Crash In 2020?" by Ben Swann on RT (2019-03-04) by JasonCarswell in EconomicsTheory

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Jesus Christ... you'd think that market decisions would be based on data and facts, not on the president's buddy phoning up some bankers to tell them that all the numbers they're seeing are wrong, and they should buy stocks and lend money...

Why are you here? What do you want this place to have that others don't? by Zombi in AskSaidIt

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I hate the hate on reddit, as well as the way that downvoting is used to stymie dissent as a "disagree" button. That saidit has no downvote, only Insightful and Funny, is great. I love seeing things that I don't agree with in any way; it's good to broaden your horizons. On reddit, I'd have to find my way down to the dregs and expand negatvie karma posts for that.

Why are you here? What do you want this place to have that others don't? by Zombi in AskSaidIt

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I came here after following a random redditor who made a post I found insightful... no idea why I felt the need to do that, and he's the only redditor I've ever followed in my 9 years as a redditor. A few months later he makes a post linking someone to here. That redditor was magnora7.

Yellow Vests Ransack Masonic Lodge in France by magnora7 in WorldNews

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lol this is some r/conspiracy level shit

The absolute state of the internet. by Vigte in MeanwhileOnReddit

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First post asked Canadians whether vaccines were good for people.

Second post asked Canadians whether they understood the science surrounding vaccines: how they were created (there are many different types of vaccines), how they were tested, how the body reacts to them, how they were mass-produced and distributed. This was not so clear to the average person, in spite of that person being in favour of vaccinations on the whole.

And of course both articles used the same image to confuse people. Of course they did.

"Ben Swann ON: Will The Economy Crash In 2020?" by Ben Swann on RT (2019-03-04) by JasonCarswell in EconomicsTheory

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TBH it looked like 2017-18 was primed for a recession what with many major retailers going out of business and auto industry leaning heavily into big trucks but slowing for small cars. But here we are in 2019: unemployment didn't spike, large vehicles are a good wave to ride on, and those who worked at the smaller auto plants that are closing/closed are redistributing to other jobs... Recession could still hold off for a few years, probably just long enough for the US politics to change hands and everything to be blamed on the other side.

Roseanne Barr said Boston Marathon bombings were 'false flag' by dcjogger in news

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Holy shit dude, America's in decline but it isn't nearly as bad as you are making it out to be. You have a good, important message buried somewhere in this post, but it is hard to pick out from under the warnings of simultaneous civil war and WWIII, the aristocracy executing the final solution against the 99%, and only those who bought gold and stockpiled food being able to survive. Your exaggerations have obfuscated your point.

Roseanne Barr said Boston Marathon bombings were 'false flag' by dcjogger in news

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Rosanne owns the rights to her name and the show bearing her name. She wouldn't allow them to renew it without her starring.

For deep security, use ARM, avoid Intel & AMD processors by fred_red_beans in Security

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"Manufacturers B and C use Manufacturer A to pass secure instructions, which isn't secure because it can be compromised. So instead of using CPUs from Manufacturers B or C, use CPUs from Manufacturer A instead."

Dark Star (1974) - HD Trailer by BillionDollarEgg3 in ScienceFiction

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I can't tell if this looks derivative or amazing.