NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel. (The Guardian, 2013) by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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That game was way ahead of its time. I hope they don't screw up if it gets remaked.

ItWasTheJews on Gab: ''The Masons are the Jews." by Alphix in Jesuits

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Yeah, there's definitely Jewish influence on freemasonry, although unlike the supremacism taught by the Talmud, low ranking and high ranking freemasonry borrow a lot from neo-platonism when it comes to its rituals. The masonic revolutions were very influential in the subversion of the Protestant system by the Jesuits, like Napoleon said.

Here's some quotes about their control over it, not all of them are accurate but It's a good resource:


So I made hot pepper powder by Alphix in whatever

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Thanks a lot for this.

Can anyone here link to studies showing the connection between homosexuels and pedophilia? by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Well the relation is there. Homosexuality can be linked to abuse by itself, and pedophilia too as painful as it may seem to others.

Can anyone here link to studies showing the connection between homosexuels and pedophilia? by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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The Inescapable Link between Homosexuality and Pedophilia. A study commissioned by the German Bishops Conference “found that more than 3,600 children were sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Germany between 1946 and 2014.”

Child Molestation and The Homosexual Movement. Pedophilia more common among Homosexuals.

Does sexual abuse in childhood cause pedophilia: an exploratory study. (National Library of Medicine, 1990)

Prevalence of Childhood Sexual Abuse among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People: A Meta-Analysis. (National Library of Medicine, 2015)

It's the natural result of too much libertarianism. Sexual degeneracy, or even other kinds of degeneracy happens when people aren't hold accountable for their actions by authorities, that's the reason why libertarianism is elevated to god-levels and fascist ideals are demonized as authoritarian communism.

As a little bonus, the pedophilia is all over the place in all institutions nowadays:

TV host Natacha Jaitt was found murdered after making claims about the sexual abuse of minors. She had to claim several times that she would not kill herself out of fear of her life and of being framed.

UK police "recklessly ignored" decades of sexual abuse by predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women because of "political correctness".

Israel systematically hides escaped American and/or Jewish pedophiles. (CBS)

How Wall Street helped Jeffrey Epstein with the sex trafficking ring.

The corruption of the British government related to the Rotherham pedo incident.

More than 60,000 kids across the country are unaccounted for by the child welfare system that is supposed to protect them. (Dallas News/Washington Post 2018)

More than 5,000 babies across the United States were abducted by a supposedly charitable organization between 1924 and 1950. The group targeted poor Southern families and developed a black market for white babies.

Make sure to visit s/ConspiracyTrace and s/ConspiracyRecord to see my research and share interesting content yourself.

Post on r/Europe looks like an Alt-Right comment section by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Spot on. There are a lot of conservatives that are not happy. However, a lot of those figures that will take advantage of the situation are probably controlled opposition. I don't see this ending well for conservatives in the long run.

Is it true that the nazis raped millions of women on the eastern front? by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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There were probably a lot of war crimes on all sides but I'm more sympathetic towards the Germans. Just look at how they treated the French during those times. I'm very skeptical about the horror stories and I'm sure the Soviets made a lot of it up to cover their own crimes.

Proof that masks cause brain damage by xoenix in whatever

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Nah, very different groups. Jesuits were mostly responsible for the anti-Semitic myths. Jesuits are basically a group of supernaturalist extremists and the Jews are a group of tribalists and nationalists. Unlike what a lot of people would like you to believe, I think only elite Jewish groups are responsible for a lot of the corruption and nepotism the group is involved in.

RIP /u/being-poisoned by detty in whatever

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Is he? Or is he disturbed by something? d3rr will give different answers, depending on his mood...

RIP /u/being-poisoned by detty in whatever

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I lost count how many times this has happened. I'm worried about d3rr but honestly, nobody can tell what's going on in his head nowadays anymore.

9/11 - 7 World Trade Center. (WTC 7 Free Fall Collapse) by IlluvitarG4 in conspiracy

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Even ignoring the way the towers fell, there's no way fire and the collapse of the towers alone could have caused the structures of the buildings to be reduced to dust to such an extend. It would have required a very powerful explosion, there's even evidence that they could have used mini-nukes or something like that. The way the towers were reduced to dust is probably the best evidence for controlled demolition. Right before this event happened, Rumsfeld mentioned that the Pentagon had $2.3 Trillion unaccounted for shortly before this happened. That figured has continued to rise over time:

$10 Trillion missing from the Pentagon and no one knows where it is.

MSU scholars found $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending from 1998 to 2015.

The figure is probably already over $90 Trillion at this point.

There was some creepy foreshadowing in the media related to it like in this case:

The Illuminati card game predicted many future events in its time. Including the 9/11 attacks against the twin towers, the Pentagon and Donald Trump.

A lot of people ignore the role that Catholic/Jesuit groups (the actual CIA) had in the 9/11 events:


The Jesuits themselves have controlled the CIA, FBI, KGB/FSB, MI5/MI6, Mossad, among other Intelligence groups simultaneously. So they are responsible for nearly every single conflict involving every single nation on earth in the last decades, all while blaming the Jews for it. The Jewish "World Domination" conspiracy theories didn't even existed until the Jesuits started with their writtings and the Intelligence groups themselves are mostly anti-Semitic, although I myself do believe that there are legit Ultra-Zionist groups out there:

Does the CIA stereotype Jews as security risks? (Salon 1998)

The KGB and records of Soviet anti-Semitism.

The CIA is behind the Ukrainian anti-Semitic nationalist movement.

Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov and ex-officer Vasily Prozorov say the CIA and MI6 run the Ukrainian anti-Semitic nationalist movement.

Evidence of the Israelis being targetted as part of the genocide plan involving the vaccines under the Mossad.

9/11 as a CIA psyop. The no plane theory and the Jesuit role behind it. The stories of Israelis being there in the destruction of the buildings were spread out by CIA like Philip Giraldi.

"Former" CIA Valerie Plame promoted anti-Semitic sites online shared by fellow CIA Philip Giraldi, including accusations of pushing for war through their “control” of “the politicians” and “the media and entertainment industries.” (NY Post 2017)

Make sure to visit s/Jesuits for more info about the order and s/NationalistRevolution if you want to help built a resistance against the Vatican.

The Jesuit Jewish Conspiracy [15.57] by doginventer in conspiracy

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They were philosophically Catholic extremists, as shown by their practices, the original communist regime is actually The Jesuit Communist Empire in Latin America and its practices and design were all based on deranged ways of monkery. Their extreme supernaturalism made them hostile towards religious materialist groups like the Jews, or the old White Protestant Nationalists that are your ancestors.

About Marx's anti-Semitism. by HibikiBlack in Jesuits

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It's hard to find sources that don't mention Muh Shoa but it still has a lot of quotes from Marx himself.

The Jesuit Jewish Conspiracy [15.57] by doginventer in conspiracy

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Interesting. One thing to consider is that the Jesuits were anti-Semitic early on and people who wanted to join the order were discriminated against even if they had a Jewish background:


But either way, It's obvious both groups are involved in the whole mess and need to be dealt with. I myself will create a sophisticated ideology when it comes to this and I'm already more than halfway there, but I still need more time to collect more records and properly organize things.

I'm a little shakey, but I drew a cicada by Musky in whatever

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Quite a piece of work Musky. I hope you are feeling better.