Peter Tatchell loses his last brain cell: trans women are at a disadvantage in women's sport by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Definitely, there are sports like rhythmic gymnastics in which women typically naturally dominate. And if men do it, it is very different. Man woman

Penis-averse lesbian asks for advice on ask transgender by Mangomart in LGBDropTheT

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If the whole post is not only a staged propagandist farce the OP's partner can't be a transsexual suffering from a real deep dysphoria, because he wants to include his male genitalia into sexual activity with his sexual partner, and also OP is a little bit "anomalous" homosexual obviously attracted to persons of opposite sex. So even if it is not intentional brainwashing of other people, it is a real-life absurd commedy caused by the social constructivism "philosophy".

IT BEGINS: Nancy Pelosi Says Biden Shouldn’t ‘Bother’ Debating Donald Trump This Tuesday by Daily_Reformer_US in news

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In other words she says that it is necessary to avoid showing in a public debate how senile Mr. Biden is as it could be a disaster.

I'd just like to remind y'all that lesbians can still get pregnant! by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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But the problem is not him, but those who let him.

I'd just like to remind y'all that lesbians can still get pregnant! by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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committed bestiality?

No, but you will probably have kittens instead of children, especially if you convince your partners to come out also as cats. Imagine...

Both: Why do people keep saying "biologically a man"? There is a word for that: male. Then there are others that say "biologically male" – um, but that's what male is. What other types of 'male' is there? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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The words man and woman denote a human male and female respectively, the same as the words stallion and mare denote a horse male and female. An individual producing sperms is a male and those producing eggs is female. Therefore if they try to include some people who produce eggs into the man category they include them also in the male category. There is no difference between meanings of of the words man and human male, they are synonyms. You can't say that a man is not a male. Just opposite, if you say somebody is a a human and a male you say he is a man. There are no men producing eggs and no women producing sperms.

GC: How do you feel that your lack of experience being trans impacts your approach to this debate? by worried19 in GCdebatesQT

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This is not a supportive group for transsexual persons.

This is not a safe space. This space is to to hold discussion for polarizing ideologies.

See the right panel on the screen.

I suppose that majority of people discussing here (and on the original subreddit in past) seek wide range of information related to transsexuality including various personal experience shared in various ways on many sites even on such where we are denounced, ridiculed or and accused of hate or even crimes. Therefore despite we can't have inner individual experience of being transsexual, we can have large knowledge of transsexual people problems, positions, oppinions and also of aggressive behaviour of some trans-activists. Such knowledge includes also experiences shared by various transsexual/trnasgender people who don't follow QT. Just today I found very intersting youtube videos by a guy who speaks about his own experience of AGP. I think that an individual experience is often actually preventing to understand the core of problems, because we can be flooded by emotions blocking rational thinking.

GC: If biological sex is just about roles in reproduction, does that mean someone doesn't have a biological sex and isn't a man or a woman if they don't reproduce? And that in the times they do things that don't lead to reproduction, they have no biological sex? by Nohope in GCdebatesQT

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Watch videos in this YouTube channel Paradox Institute. But this is my simple explanation:

  • Sex categories (man, woman, male, female) have meaning only related to reproduction. We differentiate between men and women because there are two very different roles in reproduction. If there was only one identical role in reproduction we would not distinguish between human beings based on a role in reproduction, because it would be impossible.

  • These categories are notions, concepts in our brain reflecting phenomena observable in the real world: There are the two roles, one requires ability to produce speciall cells called ova (singular ovum) or egg cells, the other requires ability to produce sperms.

  • Even before people knew in detail the mechanism of reproduction they were able to differentiate between men and women, because the ability to realize the different roles is manifeseted in very significant differences in various structures of the body and corresponding functions and behaviour. And we also need such differentiation, because ability of reproduction is the most important function of any live species and it impacts principally all life of all live things, including those individuals who don't have a direct role in reproduction, like worker bees, or those who are not able to reproduce because of some disorder. Even now in this crazy time we need this differentiation and therfore some idiots create various absurd neologisms like menstruators or uterus owners.

  • Sex categories don't reflect disorders which can cause inability to reproduce. But we include individuals in sex categories based on their body features, because, as you can learn in the videos of the channel linked above, each human individual is either male or female, only in some individuals full development of male or female functions and corresponding body structures failed, because of some genetic or developmental failures. Even so called intersexuals are either males or females and not "something in between". SEX IS STRICTLY BINARY. But because of complexity of human body and its functions, some functions can be absent or in conflict with sex of the individual.

  • Sex categories also don't reflect mental states or individual fate which can cause that some individuals don't realize their ability to reproduce.

"Sexuality is fluid" - the root of all evil by ThrowMeAway2879 in LGBDropTheT

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Some people are even amebic now. They don't walk, for example, they are flowing down the stairs and then they have a problem flowing back up again if there is no special lift adapted to transport them. When they go in a theatre, they must have a box with a special basins iinstead of seats. where special assistants pour them into.

But seriously, there is an intersting YouTube channel Paradox Institute explaining binarity of sexuality.

Punch gay men if they reject you by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it definitely is an eagle traped in a duck body. Elementary My Dear Watson!

Democrats And Biden Are So UNHINGED And Broken That Even Obama SLAMMED Biden As Unfit For Office by Tarrock in politics

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They will be very unpleasantly surprised by Kamala Harris if she became the vicepresident and latter the president, because she is not a person who desires to be their puppet and they will have no leverage to tame her, because the society is now in wild chaos caused by long-term neglect of serious social problems. The elites failed and the male hierarchies that have so far formed the supporting and organizational framework of society are in disarray and and we have no really workig structures, that could replace them. Lasting anarchy would be very destructive, because the the complicated technologies we are dependent from now require perfect organization.

GC: With the potential for future advancements in medical technology, what does this mean for the immutability of biological sex? by transwoman in GCdebatesQT

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It this moment I can write only incomplete response, because I will be next week offline and just now I have not time enough for the complete explanation.

I'm still not understanding how this can be detached from physical characteristics of one's biology.

I didn't write that the roles are detached from physical characteristics of one's biology. I wrote

Sex refers the complex abilities the individual has, not only to some particular characteristics.

The complex abilities are abilities of the whole body that are related also to the reproductive system.

Back to Plato for a while. A human being can’t be “defined” as a featherless biped, despite human beings don’t have feathers and typically they have two legs. Human beings are not “defined” by their observable body features. A human being is somebody who is a direct descendant of two other human beings. Therefore a person having Down syndrome or other conditions related to a genetic disorder is also a human being despite various differences from other humans. But we can recognize that someone is a human based on his characteristics and behaviour.

There are two different pairs of basic questions related to sex:

  1. Why do we differentiate people by sex and why is it extremely important?

  2. How do we recognize sex of a particular person and why does it seem so complicated?

We need to answer the first pair before we can answer the second pair.

Differentiation of people by sex is implicated by the way how we reproduce. Reproduction is a fundamental complex ability of every living species, and individuals of each animal species are equipped with a system of various particular body features and abilities that allow them to participate successfully in reproduction. Parts of the abilities are inborn brain functions, based on which further mental abilities or skills are developed and improved based also on experiences.

To reproduce successfully, we must be able to recognize individuals of our species and in them identify the right potential mating partners and also individuals who are our rivals in mating. Such functions can process simultaneously information which we obtain by senses of vision, hearing and smell; processed information generally includes particular visible body features and behaviour, voice pitch and colour, pheromones and similar sex dependent chemicals spreading around persons. In a particular situation we often don’t obtain the full range of information we are able to use to identify potential mating partners and rivals; we even don’t need to see outer genitalia appearance. This evaluation of other people is fast and mostly subconscious, we are aware only of the result. If we identify some contradictions we are disquieted and we are looking for more information to find out the real situation. Therefore we need and we are able to distinguish two groups of people, potential mating partners and mating rivals, to which we naturally behave in different ways. Based on experience we consider those identified as the mating rivals being of the same type as we are; we identify with them. Similarly, we consider the identified potential mating partners as being of a different type; we don’t identify with them. Such functions must be inborn and culturally independent and all other similar species (like mammals) have them, otherwise they would not be able to reproduce. However in humans, they are also accompanied by recognition abilities gained by experience using criteria that can be culturally conditioned, as for example, type attire, haircut, body decoration, or certain behaviour. Also not all humans we consider potential mating partners or rivals; typically sexually immature or old individuals are not included in these groups.

A partial summary: The notion of sex is related to our natural inborn ability to identify our potential matting partners and rivals. Identification of partners and rivals is generally based on complex information obtained by senses of sight, hearing and smell.

However the human brain has the ability of thinking in concepts (notions) which is closely related to use of the language. Our brain creates inner representation of observed and experienced phenomena using various systems of concepts and their relationships to build models that help us to understand the phenomena and keep complex structured systems of information and share them with other people. Since time immemorial humans participate in reproduction, observe all related phenomena and build corresponding system concepts trying to have a consistent model representing all important aspects of the reproduction process. The basic part of this model is very old and it precedes scientific research and it is based on elementary easily observed phenomena which can be summarized in a simplified way like this: To start development of a new human being, two existing human beings must perform together a special activity in which each of them has a special role very different from the role of the other participant. One participant must ejaculate a special fluid, which he produces, inside of the body of the other participant. If this activity is successful, which is not always the case, the new individual starts to develop in the body of the participant in which the fluid was ejaculated. Both participants must have a special set of organs necessary for the role they have in the activity and the participant, in the body of which the new individual develops, must also have special organs providing an environment for the developing new individual. Each human being, able of successful reproduction, can realize only one of the two roles for his whole life and has only one type of the reproductive organs. Therefore we can divide all human beings able to reproduce into two groups based on their potential role in reproduction and we can recognize the potential role based on the type of reproductive organs they have. We can include into these two groups all human beings whose type of genitals we can clearly recognize, because they definitely are not able to realize the role related to the other type of genitals. Doing this, we negatively relate the groups also to the role which is impossible for the members of the group.

GC: With the potential for future advancements in medical technology, what does this mean for the immutability of biological sex? by transwoman in GCdebatesQT

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You only try to repeat Plato's nonsense with the featherless biped. Sex, gender, male, female, man, woman are not mathematical concepts and we don't establish male vs female. I wrote in the my first comment above

Sex is a general term denoting the possible role, male or female, that an individual can play in reproduction. Sex refers the complex abilities the individual has, not only to some particular characteristics.

We observe phenomena and the system of concepts represents them in our brain establishing model's following the structure of the observed phenomena and their observable relationships. It is night 03:30 where I live. I will try to explain it better tomorrow if it is still necessary.

GC: With the potential for future advancements in medical technology, what does this mean for the immutability of biological sex? by transwoman in GCdebatesQT

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The visible parts of the genitalia are mostly very reliable indicator of the possible role that an individual can play in reproduction. However it is not the reason why do we distinguish males and females. The reason is the principal difference of the roles in reproduction. Unrelated to reproduction the notions like sex, gender, male, female, man, woman have no meaning. I say it often and I will repeat it again: If we reproduced in same way as slugs there would be no men and no women.

GC: With the potential for future advancements in medical technology, what does this mean for the immutability of biological sex? by transwoman in GCdebatesQT

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Don't feed your head with absurd fantasies. It is a crazy idea that sex is simply determined by five specific characteristics: Sex hormones, internal genitalia, external genitalia, chromosomes, and gametes. This is like the absurd Plato’s “definition” of the human person as a featherless biped, what was ridiculed by Diogenes, who plucked the feathers from a cock a brought it to Plato” Academy.

The human body is not a mechanical machine made of replaceable or changeable parts. It is an extremely complex organism made up of trillions of cells gradually developed after fertilization from the single cell, the zygote, created by fusion of the egg and sperm. Each of those cells contains the complete genome of the individual which arises in fertilization; it drives and controls the whole development and directly or indirectly all the processes running in the body. Each of those cells “knows” the whole individual genome and therefore it also knows sex of the whole body, because the sex is determined by presence or absence of the sex-determining region which is a part of the DNA in the Y chromosome (sex-determining region Y - SRY gene ). A person having SRY is male; a person not having SRY is female. Therefore there are only two sexes and even so called intersex persons are either males or females (see this video).

Sex is a general term denoting the possible role, male or female, that an individual can play in reproduction. Sex refers the complex abilities the individual has, not only to some particular characteristics. Taking part in reproduction, the whole body performs a large number of various particular activities that are specific for the given role; the body is prepared and adapted for them in a variety of ways at different levels of all functional body subsystems, including the brain. All this is the result of four billion years of evolution of life and own development of the individual.

The purpose of the reproduction is creating new live individuals. The way how this process runs determines all body structures and functions and life processes of individuals. A healthy human being is the being who develops to reproduce, reproduces and dies; everything else is just necessary or random circumstances.

Byrd is the Word by Tarrock in politics

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But this is given by the US political and election system, which is based on single-member districts and the "first-past-the-post" principle. This results in situation when large part of population has no real political representation. This could work only when 85% of US population were white people of European origin willing to join American white society culture, moral, social rules and ideals to integrate into the "American nation" and when other people were marginalized unorganized crowd mostly surviving from day to day. In 1960s it was necessary (but impossible) to change the political system, first elections and the party system to get beter multi-party representation in the Congress at least in the House of Representatives.

This NEVER happens: "A trans man is trying to get me kicked out of my master’s program because I won’t fuck him" by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Additionally in undergrad I was given an award for working on trans-friendly policies in student government, so an accusation such as this is FAR beyond any reasonable person’s understanding of me as an individual.

In the Czech language we the saying that can be translated: Do good to the devil; he will reward you with hell.

You don't completely identify with the sexist stereotypes of your sex? Nonbinary. Cis people are literally Ken and Barbie dolls. by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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Sex is binary, it is given by the mechanisms of reproduction. The rest are private whims, fancies or partialities that everybody has right to have if he/she doesn't bother and harras other people because of it.

"Twerking Is Never A Dance Skill, It's A Sexual Invitation" — Lady Lights Twitter On Fire by Ifeanyiwrite in news

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It is always dependent on a context and abilities of dancers. Ballet versus Twerk in National Theatre Brno

Joe Biden Tries to 'Clarify' Remarks About African Americans; No Apology by [deleted] in politics

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No Apology

Of course, it is the best strategy in such situation and it is not such a catasrophe as the Hillary Clinton's Basket of deplorables. He needs this to be forgotten as quickly as possible.

Joe Biden Tries to 'Clarify' Remarks About African Americans; No Apology by [deleted] in politics

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And this person can be the president of the most powerful country in the World having huge amount of nuclear weapons. I don't blame him, but those on background who want to use this confused old man to have power without being elected. It is a very dangerous game and terrible betrayal of democracy. Old senile ot mentally incapable men in the highest positions of power are extremely dangerous. There are many examples in history of such men who caused catastrophes or even destruction of states they ruled.

Gals, is being a woman in love with another woman straight? by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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It is probably a fake post provoking them writing bulshit. OP has only this post in history and no comments. But if people wanted "revenge" them they could "brigade" their subs with similar "authentic" post.

J.K. Rowling and the White Supremacist History of “Biological Sex” by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Reproduction didn't happen at all, new humans were fully socially constructed, reconstructed and finally deconstructed. The society actually precedes existance of individuals. In the beginning there was only society but it was empty.

Words for "lesbians with the temerity not to be attracted to transwomen" by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I don't understand why OP posts here 5 years old screams of a desperate aggressive fool. This proves only that even five years of media and social networks pressure cannot change anything in this. I hope that all the authors of the 1320 comments were lesbians extremely eager for sex with transsexuals and having strong passion for penises and scent of neovaginas. Definitely, there are milions of them in the whole world, but they are intimidated by the terrible TERFs and fooled by society which teaches them since birth that lesbian can be attracted only by AFABs (there are special educational conspiratorial courses for them organized by catholic nuns).

Biden Campaign Says He Is So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her by scrubking in politics

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He Can Smell Her

This sounds like something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Even /r/malefashionadvice has been fatally infected by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I meant that their mental state, no matter how it is caused, results in them having a problem to accept their genitals or at least the fact that the type of their reproductive system implicates their sex and their possible relationships with other people.

Even /r/malefashionadvice has been fatally infected by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Because their genitalia are their only real problem.

Even /r/malefashionadvice has been fatally infected by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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super manly

No! They are only intrusive, impolite and arrogant.

‘I love JK Rowling’ poster taken down at Edinburgh railway station due to ‘political nature’ by ArthnoldManacatsaman in LGBDropTheT

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This was a very prudent act; instead of one poster at a local railway station, they have many articles in various world famous online newspapers and links to the articles are spreading in Internet making people upset in the whole world. If buying and reading a book by JKR becomes a significant provactive political act I will feel obligated to buy some of her books as well and walk streets with them in hand, despite I am too old to read Harry Potter.

It’s happening: straight men not liking dick is transphobic by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I am afraid that most straigth men would just ignore them, considering their screams only just expressions of despair, or they would apply a personal direct response in extreme situations. Most straigth men do not feel personally threatened by them.

QT (but anyone who can answer): is there a consensus within the trans movement/liberal feminism on the definition of 'woman'? And what is the source of said definition? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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So we have another event of the never ending "debate" about definitions. But the trans-ideology is not mathematics or other exact science and sex, gender, man, woman, male, female trans woman, trans man are not matematical concepts. The central trans-creed "trans women are women / trans men are men" is not relating trans women and trans men to some definition of the woman and man. Non-transsexual people should actually read the trans-creed as a commandment "You shall treat, address and accept a trans woman as a woman and a trans man as a man". For transsexual people this "creed" is only expression of their unrealizable desire, what they mask by using the foggy concepts of gender or gender identity. The gender identity is actually only expressing that the person identifies with the opposite sex; there is no other factual content of that concept. There is no possible "definition" of woman and man which is unrelated to roles in reproduction. We distinguish women from men because of the way how we reproduce. If we reproduced like slugs (by the way it is very intersting see the Wikipedia article Reproductive system of gastropods) there would be no men and women, only human beings.

Not the Bee: News outlet calls the statement "only females get cervical cancer" a "disgustingly transphobic lie" by christnmusicreleases in funny

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Is cervix real or a social construct? Is it possible to have cancer of a social construct?

GC: Why can't the words man and woman be defined as something other than "adult human male" and "adult human female"? And why is it false to say "men can have vaginas/uteruses/etc and women can have penises"? by AllInOne in GCdebatesQT

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This is misunderstanding of the problem. It is not about a definition or redefinition of a word. Transsexual persons want to be recognized and treated by other people as if they were of their desired sex and they are discontent and triggered by anything what somehow reminds them of what sex they really are. To hide the paradox, that they want to be recognized as sometheing they are not, and to avoid to be considered insane, they use the terms gender and gender identity, which itself are paradoxical, because they are both related and unrelated to sex. Gender and gender identity is used by them to say: Even though I am not a woman, I am a woman , because I desire and need to be a woman.

Linux team approves new terminology, bans terms like 'blacklist' and 'slave' by TruthTeller in NotTheOnion

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This is all like Monty Python combined with Orwell.

Why I am deeply alarmed by reddit censorship by Jizera in MeanwhileOnReddit

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If a particular subreddit is moderated strictly it is no problem. Each subreddit has defined rules, scope and community. it is a specific niche created and maintained by some people. The problem is deplatforming whole communities, not only a subreddit moderator erasing a post or comment.