Supreme Court lifts federal ban on sports betting by magnora7 in news

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Don Corleone and the family will be very pleased

Hangover pill - Inspired by the body’s approach for breaking down alcohol, researchers use 3 natural enzymes to convert alcohol into harmless molecules that are then excreted. Tests on inebriated mice decreased the blood alcohol level by 45% in just 4 hours compared to mice with no treatment. by Orangutan in science

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I retired from professional drinking ( drugin and whoreing) 7 years ago , wish a pill like this was available before I retired , would have saved me from countless hangovers.

Completely Silent Computer by magnora7 in technology

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No need they can be used externally as well

Completely Silent Computer by magnora7 in technology

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Installing an ssd will greatly reduce fan usage ,I recently installed one and installed the os on it and pretty much forgot the damn pc had a fan , but I’m sure you knew that

State of the Website: 5/16/2018 - New updates by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I was having a hard time wanting to direct people from other sites here because of the whole grey market vending and beef going on in that sub I always looked at that sub on front page as very off putting for people who are looking for a more personal experience. I am not trying to diminish the value of grey market I think it is very important for people to procure the goods they need when otherwise unavailable, I just don’t think it should be front page material , new people come and say I was looking for aww cute not clam and clam powder


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thanks for listening

Welcome to MUSIC UNKNOWN this sub is dedicated to ''shitty'' unheard , obscure non commercial , non popular, underground music and musicians . please be respectful , feel free to post your creations and share your obscure homies track. All genres are welcome . by KNOWLEDGE in MUSICUNKNOWN

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thanks , i have a a lot of music to post and working on new material ,long proccess, i try not to dilute by doing all day and limiting by being selective about what i put out , this is years of fucking around with ableton and progression can be heard , i can honestly say it is amateurish at best ,i do not claim to be a wizard and am very critical of what i create , it may sound like garbage to most but ill be god damned if it doesn't make sense for the most part