An age of consent of 16 or higher is ridiculous by trident765 in whatever

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Spain only recently raised their age of consent to 16 and that was because research showed the majority of relationships girls under 16 were having with older men were abusive.

Please post a link to the "research" you are referencing. Thanks.

The story of your incel – an inconvenient truth by Caamib_ in RealIncels

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Prior to about 1995, the notion that people would surreptitiously trade naked pictures of kids was just alien to most people.

Lewis Carroll had a collection of nude pictures of little girls and wasn't secretive about it in the slightest. I'm not a fan of erotica of any kind, but the child variety has historically been considered much less vulgar than the adult variety.

The whole pedophilia thing is such an obvious psyop.

Honestly, it's not a psyop, but rather a mass hysteria. It was Freud who first came up with the theory that minors suffer psychological damage when they have sex with adults, but he later recanted it after realizing it had no substance. The discredited theory was adopted and weaponized by feminism in the 1970s, and has since been used to incite hatred against men who prefer teenage girls over aging and used-up career sluts.

From Skeptical Inquirer (Jul-Aug 2001):

Freud was the first to formalize a relation between CSA and psychological maladjustment. In his "seduction theory," he claimed that all adult neuroses are traceable to premature sex with an older person. He based this notion on a dozen or so patients, whom he pressured to recall seduction episodes using the same discredited techniques that would later be used in modern recovered memory therapy. He soon abandoned his theory, and it lay dormant until the women's movement of the 1970s, where it was revived by advocates and victimologists who found political and economic value in it for attacking the "patriarchy" and increasing a patient base.

The story of your incel – an inconvenient truth by Caamib_ in RealIncels

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So the notion that a 12-year-old was a child was understood in the 1880s.

That doesn't matter. The fact is that child marriage was legal back then because it was understood that such marriages could be beneficial to child and adult alike. In 1880, 37 states (in the USA) set the age of consent at 10 years, 10 states set an age of consent at 12 years, and Delaware had an age of consent of 7 years.

What was considered acceptable (or at least legal) before America became a feminist shithole is now considered criminal.

I understand the concept of pair bonding and I believe in it, but I also think that most adolescent sexual experiences are too awkward, fraught, and unfulfilling to allow for pair bonding to occur.

If child marriage didn't work, it wouldn't have been the norm in so many ancient patriarchal societies. Most virgin females of any age do not enjoy their first sexual experience regardless of whether it involves an adult man or a minor, but sex is something that they can learn to enjoy over time.

Teenage and preteen girls are no less likely to enjoy their first time with an adult man than with another teenager.

And though they presumably "pair bonded," Ty's mom shot his dad dead with a shotgun when Ty was a teenager. We don't know if that's because she had a lecherous husband to guide her through adolescence instead of a mom and dad, but it all hints at a much more nuanced reality than you acknowledge.

This means nothing except that there have always been unhappy child marriages, just like their have always been unhappy adult marriages. I suspect that child marriages have always been more successful on average than adult marriages, but I don't know for certain.

What I do know for certain is that most 20-year old women in the modern West are non-virgins and have been completely brainwashed by feminism and by the modern education system. The same is obviously not true for most 10-year olds. Most adult women have a habit of taking their bitterness and frustration out on decent men instead of on the scumbags that they sleep around with, and this makes them toxic to be around.

There is no benefit in waiting for a girl to turn 16 or 18 before dating her. As a general rule, the younger the woman/girl, the less bitter and entitled she is, and the more tolerable she is as a wife.