200acres was banned on Reddit. Our new sub is located at nobodyhasthe.biz/c/200acres by aVF in 200acres

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What's NHTB? Hosted by "ourguys" or something?

Husband’s ignorance leads to an unhealthy woman having to put her body through a risky, potentially damaging pregnancy. So quirky and silly of him! Haha :) by its1342 in PinkPillFeminism

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Half the time I can't even believe these stories. Just PAs making quirky "lol sex fuckup!1!" stories for e-points.

At least I hope so.

r/BanFemaleHateSubs is banned. here is the list : by AlissonHarlan in PinkPillFeminism

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Slave auctions, snuff, jerk off to my mom. What the fuck. But theyll ban the sub that calls them out.

Laughable that the incest and adultery reddits are still up, after all this time. They'll be around until the end.

Fuck cumbrains. Reddit hosts so much filth it could rebrand as a porn site.

O-oy v-vey, shut (((him))) down! by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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He's moved to bitchute now. Praise bitchute for picking up the slack.

Remember to wish u/Bardfinn, aka Steve Akins, AgainstHateSubreddits powermod, a happy birthday on January 28th! by niggaballswag in milliondollarextreme

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Really weird that to-day is the first day in months I check back here, and somehow you posted this only 2 hours ago. Good coincidence.

Are we finally home, my main men? by FedExMeYourDrugs in milliondollarextreme

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Okay are you maybe?

As far as I’ve seen the remakes lack enough traffic to resemble the original.

Sup bros, met a few big apes on my safari. One of them stole my camera and sent me this by MortonLoothorKodos in milliondollarextreme

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Goofy! I like the shirt the one in the front has on :)

Are we finally home, my main men? by FedExMeYourDrugs in milliondollarextreme

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BSS wasn't ban evasion, though. It was because MDE was flooded with zoomers from CA and was drastically altering the original spirit of the sub. Ended up being fundamentally different than the premortem MDE.

Agreed about DPB (was never there, but was on a lot of other similarly named ones). Was the 4 month one SHS?

A 10-year-old girl. by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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This is a bit more elucidating. Title is far too vague, in retrospect.


...a top Finnish court has upheld a ruling that sex between an asylum seeker and a 10-year-old girl didn’t constitute rape.


>not "rape"

>"asylum seeker"

>not "rapist" or variant thereof


They took this from you. by send_nasty_stuff in milliondollarextreme

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TFW you're not out on a homestead, surrounded by wilderness, getting ready to raise your first kid with your early-20s wife

Are we finally home, my main men? by FedExMeYourDrugs in milliondollarextreme

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Calling it "attempts at ban evasion" is an overstatement. That was mostly a ploy by reddit fagmins to axe out literally anything remotely tangential to MDE-fan discourse.

Grilling and fishing themed subreddits (r/millioncommonbream) were getting created and banned months long after r/MDE got banned, and I remember seeing them, from birth to death, solely populated with boomer-tier memes. No serious discussion at all.

And, of course, there were the subreddits that existed well before r/MDE got banned, and were banned for "ban evasion", despite - yet again - having entirely separate focuses from r/MDE, and only sharing the same like-minded users.

Has 13...19 been axed? by MrMetalFingers in milliondollarextreme

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This is now irrelevant as far as I know, all numbers have gotten axed by admins (no external reports).

Swedish Election meddling ? Reports resemble those from the French presidential election (Macron vs Le Pen) by expat in Europe

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Here's a brief overview of what's mentioned:

  • 3 minutes in, he's mentioned nationalists getting doxxed and harassed in person.
  • 4:00 shows nationalist ballots that were thrown away by opposition
  • 4:30 mentions ballots being hidden at stations by opposition and politicians openly stating they illegally disposed of nationalist ballots
  • 5:00 is a politician who was threatened to have her head bashed in and murdered by two nonSwedes - more context - she was pregnant and they were taking swings at her - unclear if she was visibly pregnant but she stated she was worried about her unborn child
  • Further in... Muslimes are using their WIVES as a SECOND VOTE, which makes no sense. Why do they or their wives get a vote? Anyway, apparently their wives are being told by the men where to go and who to vote for, specifically. In other words, the Muslim man gets two votes.
  • 6:20 - "50 thousand Turks no longer living in Sweden took part in the election" (referring to dual citizenship)

And that's my limit. I feel sick listening to this stuff so I had to stop. If anyone wants to continue feel free.

O-oy v-vey, shut (((him))) down! by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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Hey thank you a lot for the insight, you made me realise something I hadn't even considered. I totally get what you mean about clickbait and whatnot - I'm not fond of it, it's just the same title format I'm used to on that site whose name starts with an R and ends with a T. Will be keeping titles much more straightforward from now on.

Happy to be here and happy to have you showing interest in my posts! I'm really glad the atmosphere is much more positive here than other forums - it's really uplifting and I hope it encourages newcomers to the site to stay :)

Swedish media wait 24 hours to report on a car that ploughed into a crowd of 100 children by useless_aether in Europe

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This is absolutely it. I don't know where it is but there was an image floating around of British news headlines reporting on non-Europeans - if they do something good their ethnicity is mentioned, while if they do something bad they're mentioned as "Britons".

Might be cherrypicking but there are definitely many cases of the media putting a biased spin on things and I'm certain this is one of them.

O-oy v-vey, shut (((him))) down! by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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I was honestly stuck on the title, would've just posted it with the same title as the video if I didn't think this one is more appealing to the MDE audience.

Personally think it's pretty corny but I really couldn't think of anything better - I think a lot of people wouldn't click if the title was "Jew talks about the Holocaust". I can't change the title but if the goal is to be purely descriptive I suppose I'd go with "reformed jew refutes holocaust talking points" or something similar - again, still not as appealing to folks here as the crappy one I used.

You're definitely right about upvotes/visibility - I actually didn't think about that. (On second thought, the title I just mentioned would definitely help at giving the post a higher history on the sub.) Didn't consider it when making the post because I'm mainly just focused on getting some content relevant to the fandom out there.

I don't want newcomers to be scared off just because the front page is pretty empty, and this video is pretty remarkable in terms of how upfront it is with presenting its content.

Also not familiar with voat, sorry.

Didn't even understand what you meant at first because I've read through the OP on terms/policy/mechanics quite a few times but never thought to consider how non-archival of posts/only positive voting work to determine what are actually the most funny/insightful posts of a subsaidit. Sorry if that's convoluted, if it doesn't make sense let me know.

O-oy v-vey, shut (((him))) down! by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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I find it really funny that the first text in the video is "Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation". Not as funny that the PayPal linked in the description seems to have been (((disabled))).

It actually seems 10x more worthwhile than anything else I've seen on the net - "The Brother Nathanael Foundation envisions an America that is Christian in its consciousness and wholesome in its culture."

Check this out, too - http://brothernathanaelfoundation.org/news/81-move-to-litigate-against-the-hanukkah-menorah-set-up-on-the-white-house-lawn

are people gonna think i'm some sort of fajjit? by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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He's much younger here https://youtu.be/RYxo8HwXDPU

[6 corporations control 90% of the American media TV and radio station…] r/Television mods: "Cool it with the antisemitism, also YOU'RE BANNED!" by Glawkodile in milliondollarextreme

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I was going to make a 2070 joke but they've already gotten society to the point where mentioning that jews control banks and media solicits "yeah, so what?"s from jews and shills alike.

I remember back in high school I had a class where a guy was trying to convince people that jews are a race and not just a culture. Almost no one agreed with him. They've already gotten a stranglehold on their public perceptions - people will think you are talking about hating a religion alone, and mentioning a coincidence is morally wrong.

Super disturbing, in my opinion. "Yeah we're controlled by jews. That's a good thing. Are you against that? You're a terrible person. A monster."

Every passing day clown world drifts further and further into the incomprehensible. I literally cannot wrap my head around how distorted the clown/bug/soy's view of the world is.

Has 13...19 been axed? by MrMetalFingers in milliondollarextreme

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Yes. DM me.

ayyyy by cumformebb in milliondollarextreme

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I mean I was basing it off of this but I don't have the full stylesheet :(

ayyyy by cumformebb in milliondollarextreme

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I want this to look as good as the old MDE, any suggestions?

Reddit's axing of anti-echo forums by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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Sorry, meant the wife of one of the admins. Completely said that wrong.

No problem :)

Reddit's axing of anti-echo forums by Loki in milliondollarextreme

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Milliondollarextreme was the subreddit for a YouTube channel with a focus on ironic humour. It got banned, supposedly, because they were making fun of one of the wives of the Reddit CEO on that same day.

Billionshekelsupreme was a splinter subreddit of milliondollarextreme, and it not only shunned r/milliondollarextreme (e.g. "the state of the main sub is atrocious") but was also private. This was banned for being a "copy" of r/milliondollarextreme, despite BSS having evolved into its own community and culture after several months of separation.

GYD/TRR/TRR were also splinters of BSS, and were focused more on a smaller community with different focuses from the main.

MDE2/MDE3 were presumably subreddits that were just meant as backup for the banning of r/MDE. Since MDE2 is a backup channel for the actual comedy group, r/MDE2 might've existed before the ban on 9/11.

HydeNat was presumably a sub for discussing the politics of the comedy group, named after one of its members (Mr. Hyde). I can't say for sure; that's just an inference based on its name. I never actually saw it.

ChadRight was a subreddit focused on self-improvement: working out, eating better, living better, being more mindful and raising intelligence. This was banned for "incitement of violence": as I was a member there and read most of the threads posted, I cannot say I have ever seen an incitement of violence on that subreddit. Perhaps someone posted something there in the few hours after MDE was banned. Even still, the ban was the most unjust of them all.

The main cause for alarm is that most of these subs were brigaded. Reddit users like u/qisnotreal2345 openly bragged about using alts to false-flag subreddits he did not like, and also claimed credit for getting a subreddit banned in the past. He also apparently threatened to dox those who found him out [if you want more information about this please PM me].

There were also various posts in notable hate subreddits dedicated to getting these communities banned. These posts listed all various subreddits as well as links to anything that could be twisted to be conceived of as breaking site rules.

There were at least two posts, one by a moderator, telling users to directly report all listed subreddits to the admins as "copies of milliondollarextreme", listing off any other subreddit remotely similar to r/milliondollarextreme as a copy sub.

r/Bombstrap is a forum dedicated to a former member of Milliondollarextreme (Charls Carroll) and his work - hard to explain but here is an example. This was listed and incriminated as well as being "similar to r/mde". It has not been banned yet.

Now that there is nowhere left, Reddit is presumably worse than dead for all previous members of those subreddits, since they were in essence their own communities and members stuck to those specific communities.