These are European values. Not Christian values by useless_aether in Christianity

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Ah yes, luckily Archbishops aren't Christian either and Basic Christianity isn't about some books some men ever wrote.

Funny he's a Catholic and can't get his own faith straight:

Chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. Has the good man fallen to Sloth? Or even Pride? (Oh nm, He's American, Catholic... probably protesting against the homosexual practice of adults but keeps quiet when it comes to child molesters and the Church...)

Shopworker stole £1,500 worth of scratchcards — and didn't win ANYTHING by StalwartJames in NotTheOnion

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Gambling is a scam for the poor!

Programmers know whats up! by useless_aether in funny

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It's actually not even funny so true.

I'm sick of hearing that Canadians are "nice"! by Dr_Funkenstein in VigtesSickofThisShit

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Is this apology True though?

{get it? Trudeau :P} [I hope it work phonetically]

Jussie Smollett Offered Job At CNN After Fabricating News Story Out Of Thin Air by SundogsPlace in SundogsPlace

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They said: "Everybody makes mistakes Jussie, don't beat yourself up over it"

"The Matrix Reloaded: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition" by Wisecrack (2017-06-10) by JasonCarswell in MediaAnalysis

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Whhhaaaa The movie didn't go how books say a movie should go. Sure that might be true, but that's not what the movie is. Cringely comparing it to Star Wars made me think he would like Metal by Numbers:

The whole part about Neo's agency is still a big thing in our current time, Free will isn't a thing, not in the material sense anyway.

Merovingian Cause and effect speech is Karma explained.

The agents aren't in direct control of the architect, they are autonomous agents (like bots) The architect made them, he does not remote control them. The don't know anything about the plans of the architect.

The architect scene is like Lovecraft spewing tentacles right into your ears, something to behold and probably not comprehensible when you watch it the first time. {I had to wait for the DVD because of age, and I had to turn on the subtitles, rewind and couple of times and get a dictionary and I believe an encyclopedia.}

And it cuts short, the final scene is another plot-point in all (Neo's powers in the real world) ... Also the BANE plotline never mentioned (only shown in a quick shot of him lying in the medic-bay at the end).

Also, the twins and the vampires... pretty cool commentary on old myths, totally missed that part.

Ah, probably going to take some time to view the revolutions one. But man, reloaded is my favorite movie. Because it gives so many perspectives on determinism and how it related to the material world (aspects as love, choice, are you really good/bad or just so by design, if you don't know the design is the illusion of choice not what one drives?, What is designed?, If your whole body is designed and your whole life is, is there something not designed? )

This is a review on how to not make a movie by the books illustrated by The matrix: Reloaded as example.

[So it should be: what went right?]

2019-02-19 = PREPARE FOR THE NEW RELIGION! by JasonCarswell in Religion

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New Faith:

From 'God Hates Us All' which is the ninth studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer. Released on September 11, 2001

Keep putting the company first, just one more time... by magnora7 in LateStageCapitalism

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I part time (well really really part time, 1-2 a month) with a small company and I was called in one day when they were having their annual 'counting and comparing products' which is four huge (all take about 5-10 minutes each to load in excel, mental!) excel sheets that need to be compared. The best thing was they did manual JOIN ON operations and none of the list had the same identifier, so you needed all four searched and well, a mess. It usually took 2 people about 3 full work weeks to comb through.

I saw that, asked for the files, put them on my USB and at home I and I spend about 30 minutes conjuring up a .jar that did it all (I used a reduced data set for testing because in the end it took well over 40 minutes to run it all).

The next day i dropped by for a surprise visit and since then I get a lot of vacation money (vacation money is like 50-100% of your monthly earnings paid out once a year in the summer or winter) but I barely work there, still my vacation pay out is four digits clean (monthly earning 2-3 digits :p). Also with Christmas I get beer send to me with a gift card. And I get called for advise (barely 30min conversations) and the next paycheck features an extra work day.

[I did revise the 'script' once when I got my first vacation money so the code-gods could be proud again, the first incarnation was a 30-minutes sloppy job]

So yeah, with small companies that girl wouldn't take the ball away. {And yes I know, I'm still 99% cheaper than hiring a consultant}

Dutch former anti-Muslim politician converts to Islam [Yes, already the 2nd to go muslim] by Mnemonic in Europe

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He's also publicizing a book about his story on how he converted after reading 2 chapters of the Quran.

Fun-facts: He comes from orthodox Protestant community, went to the PVV (see article), split from the PVV and formed VNL (Voor Nederlands {Pro The Netherlands loosy translated}). With VNL they lost hard, when interviewed during those elections This guy held up Ayn rand's Atlas shrugged up ast 'the bible for me' (Guess he already broke hard with his former community).

THEN he wanted to write and anti-islam book (like some many already on the market, he probably needed money) and while researching it became a muslim.

I can only conclude he did it for the money and This guy is crazy enough to come back within a year claiming it was 'an undercover op'.

I have no respect for the sand-religions (all three), but this is some serious disrespect. It's like going to a funeral because of the coffee and cake.

This place seems cool, but I dont really think this is a suitable free speech alternative to reddit. by notabugtest in SaidIt

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I've been one ;)

Programmers know whats up! by useless_aether in funny

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If you can work with the magics schools of vim or emacs You know everything is a blated GUI shitfest and to stay away from it. Getting up and changing the thermostat, searching for the TV remote and going out to talk to people about they day/life is the much needed exercise we desk sitters need.

I don't do sports, but I'm more outdoors than iphone hipsters who travel a lot but basically travel to another (EU) country to sit in a starbucks for wifi to watch/dl netflix.

A x220 thinkpad, 2006 desktop, raspberry pi, S5 smartphone (de-googled, 7Euro a month service fee for 1500MB internet and unlimited calls) and a ps3 are my gadgets. They all 'help' me in their intended way and don't burden me with unnecessary bloat (except the desktop running windows only for games, tricked microsoft int accepting a burner gmail-account to have my win8-10 account info, very clever/funny names on there).

It's all about real luxury, having to go through some fancy-pansy gui app to change the temperature is SO MUCH MORE of a hassle than doing it the old way and you're stuck when there is an internet outage..

If you can't find within 30 minutes of search and coding a suitable script to manage it.. it ain't 'high'-tech it's bloat ware that gives you more head-trauma than doing it manually.