[Discussion] Premarital sex is bad and celibacy should be celebrated by idiot in CriticalThoughts

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Condoms! (And yeah you have Vagina condoms made so you can lick it but not infect/get infected by it.) Also some hand-washing before the rubbing. I mean that's what the whole 'I need to use the bathroom' act of both sexes is about before the whole happening: not to freshen up/change into different underwear, but to make sure it's all hygienic.

But more serious: the 'celebrated' thing is wrong. When you get 'status' of being a celibate it just encourages 'secret hooking up' and because it's 'secret' it would be weird to buy the rubbers, buy the pills, take a spiral etc. It's just as wrong as the opposite: the celebration of sex.

Sex is a tool, not a goal. Anyone can handle a hammer, but you're pretty crafty if you build a nice lake-side logde with it.

Getting an STD/getting pregnant (unwanted) is due to:

  • lack of education in some manner, like a CONDOM! FFS dudes, you still cum, unless you have a serious peepee problem.

  • Abuse, rape, the creeps

  • 'climbing up the ladder for your career' I'm pretty sure this is how most 'straight guys' still get a cock to suck.

When sex is the goal you're drunk or an a-hole (or both). I don't mean you're drunk/ an a-hole when you're horny.

Also, think for yourself and don't do things you think you're supposed to do just because the TV/Internet said so... (unless the lesson is don't diddly-doo the children, that's a good lesson for all, including yourself)

What really is the dumbest way to die? by miclejhon in AskSaidIt

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  • Being born

  • Coming back from dead and dying again (ask my FF-IV characters)

[PSA] Hey (American) Internet... about tomorrow by Mnemonic in Internet

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The regulation is saying the ISPs can't discriminate upon data-type (to do so would mean they would have to look at the data or discriminate upon site/location).

It's like having the government saying that corporations can't bug your house, even though the (USA) government can do it willynilly because of the Patriot act.

The internet is and has been neutral since it's inception


net neutrality is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

There are problems, only now ISPs can do this too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_packet_inspection#United_States

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandwidth_throttling#Network_neutrality .

I see Network Neutrality more as the 'Human right act': by itself it doesn't do anything, but it can be appealed to.

[PSA] Hey (American) Internet... about tomorrow by Mnemonic in Internet

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I'm not sure if you know what Network Neutrality means: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_neutrality .