Literally Reddit 2.0.... Sigh... by prometheus in SaidIt

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What is the sub in question?

If it was /s/ChildPornPics or otherwise went against the it's not something to whine about, is it now?

Issue regarding the pornographic rule by HorseMeat in SaidIt

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Hey since you're new:

In the footer of the site is a lot of other great stuff.

You can spank your monkey anywhere, crank the shaft anywere on the web even or oogle boobies on facebook! It's more of a problem when people, and they do, link to clearly illegal (or borderline illegal nobody knows the origin of) It's an easy way to send the feds on someone.

And again, if you read the introduction post you'll get a clearer picture of saidit and that it's Not just a reddit clone, one of those differences is the porn rule.

What do you miss about the internet circa 2009? by compultantuser in AskSaidIt

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ytmnd and

Before the whole 'Free speech means I can shit on everyone and they just have to allow me to do it'-era began it was a creative free-haven with self enforced moderation.

Moon landing, 2019 by SierraKiloBravo in funny

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I like how the reporter is an older white male, like the head of any news outlet.

Should Saidit be hosted in Norway or Switzerland? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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I don't like Switzerland so here goes: (2017) (2016, about that surveillance increase and the people of swiss wanting it)

Protonmail is based in Swiss because of the Privacy laws, which is something different. Basically something todo with your PMs and account login only. These privacy laws are not protecting your freespeech as it's used when you post/comment on saidit, it's public, like you can't claim privacy when you yell BOMB on a airplane and expect to get away with 'I said the following message is for my friend, you all could have ignored it'. For the use of saidit I would say it's a meh+, like nice to have but basically useless unless you use saidit as a PM service to conduct illegal activities and then it's not as setup as Protonmail so you're 'dun goofed' anyway.

Side note:

How do these 2 countries handle that the owners are not in their country and (probably) were not there for the contracts? I have no clue about this but I know for the infamous Swiss-banking thingie you need to be in Switzerland IIRC.

Literally Reddit 2.0.... Sigh... by prometheus in SaidIt

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SaidIt has a no porn rule and a 'nothing illegal' rule.


What's Not Allowed

  • Vending of illegal items and research chemicals are not allowed. Nor is discussion of vendors regarding illegal items, links to vendors buying/selling illegal items, or links to pages with links of vendors of illegal items. Subs and users caught buying or selling illegal items, or discussing such, will be removed. US law and Texas law apply to saidit servers.

  • No pornography. Not because we are against it, per se, but it's more about the legal troubles associated with housing this type of content. It's better for the longevity and quality and legal safety of the site not to have it here. There's plenty of porn on reddit and voat and around the rest of the internet, so go there instead if you're interested in that type of content. Also no sexualization of children.

Issue regarding the pornographic rule by HorseMeat in SaidIt

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Hmm maybe you forgot to read: ?

Those two are in regards to my my own statements:

  1. Not what I said, not everywhere, IMHO plenty of dedicated places do excist however.
  2. That's a big issue, I don't know you, but I as Mod wouldn't like to check every porn link to see if it's even legal.

Saidit is becoming an echo chamber by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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We Need to Save What Made Linux and FOSS Possible by Mnemonic in FLOSS

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It's dying out precisely because the ideals of RMS and the other FSF-advocates are exactly the opposite of what damn near everybody else on the planet wants.

This is not true, the hiding of policy driven settings or the repositioning of settings in windows 8-8.1-10 alone has not done good under 'the wants of the public'.

Windows hit the saturation point with their OS under XP, Hell A lot (if not all) countries are still paying Microsoft for keeping their XP system running and '''safe'''.

FOSS will never be more than just a fringe resistance movement that will be at best regarded as eccentric and pointless.

Yeah that's why intelligence agencies like to use that garbage.

The overall public is only a problem for the F(L)OSS community because they get doused with Windows/Mac adverts even in local news. Consultancies are trained to give the cheapest solutions for the highest price, ans that's just that either a preinstalled Mac thingie or a highly customized (and very costly) Microsoft solution for somrthing a 1st year student could have fixed in a secure way in a Linux environment for minimum wage.

You might be focus you musings on the 'want' of the overall public, but they swallow all as long as it has a hui, from 98 to NT to 10, they will take it and that's like saying people will by the ps4 pro and HEY they did.

RMS does not equal FOSS (the other way around, probably will be a subset). GUI is the thing were FOSS in lacks, though with the mobile market and Windows 10 coming out, they are not far behind and it's not something they focus on.

It's not dying, it's just that CPU devices became more prevalent and most of them are smrtphones which (overall) all have non FOSS implementations.

[UGH MUH ICONS AND STUFF, IMMA TECH GENIUS NOW!] ~ a manager of a raqndom company.

Terror attack in Sri Lanka, 8 bombs, 200+ dead by Black in news

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I was just going to post this, weird that you're the first one, it's been 7 hours already.

Terrible, probably (aacording to Sri Lanka officials) a terrorist organization that also last week demolished Buddhist statues.

I prefer reuters but it's a pretty old report with not much updates ATM.

CMV: It is a natural instinct to try to feel superior to others. by Alduin in changemyview

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If you make this Sub you're....

pretty cool.

But there are people who, if they died tomorrow, would cost hundreds or thousands of people their jobs. So I believe those people are quantifiably more valuable,

No this is a flaw of the machine/system.

Maybe (and this is just me musing about your intentions) you were thinking of community pilars (and not the ones that are 'promoted' by MSM, but people YOU yourself regard as community pillars (your neighbor can think of another person then you for their own reason).

I liked your intentions (as I read them) up until that part, because I'm not sure what to think of it... Do you mean it capitalistic? do you mean it as a sarcastic Marxist? [two overused and hopefully non-of-the-two depicting your intentions of that sentence].

Why do I post this and subscribe and not just ignore? Well, because I'm not sure about what mental lock you're talking about.

I don't know a economic view/life philosophy/life view that doesn't account for death (albeit some do do reincarnation, but I'm pretty sure that's not a thing for here).

This place seems cool, but I dont really think this is a suitable free speech alternative to reddit. by notabugtest in SaidIt

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Although I like the idea of something like a "pyramid of debate" as mentioned and holding yourself accountable to it, I really think this site is stepping into dangerous territory by making this an actually enforced rule. The reason being that this is honestly so subjective, and its really up to the individual when someone has gone too far. This also shows the issue of centralized moderation, which this site seems very ceciptable to.

Forceful enactment of the debate pyramid never occurred IIRC, It's a thing/ideal to point at when a 'discussion' grows to a flamewar... Like the excuse for a bartender to refuse to pour one guy a drink and the other does get another while they both drank the same amount... because the one could hold his liquor better... The pyramid is like that, when it gets too crazy (again which has not happened as far as I'm aware of) the bartender can piint at it as say 'we don't serve drunks' (even though everyone in the bar is drunk, but the one getting expelled is a particular dick).

I really think you see too much doom in this and to be sure, I'm not particularly defending the pyramid, but the purpose and how it's been used I can only truely condone and even say I will stand by it. It's not for shutting people up, it's for (prematurely, like when people breath in and remember the pyramid) dousing the flamewar.

About the porn, there is freespeech endorsement by the FBI (pornhub) for that. One of the problems is just this:

so long as you remove any reported CP links.

Yeah so NO, if the tumbnail displays it, it's too much already. If a mod has to check it (LOL YOU VISITED THE CP LINK NOW) that's a mental burden few can carry for long {If you live in a western country, just search or call the police and ask how those investigations go and how many people need to take breaks of 1-2 years for that kind of shit work, because YEAH seeing that shit when you don't get a stiffy from it is more than disturbing, let alone sickening..)

So I can fully agree for this small team of admins to NOT deal with any of it (because hey, there come the discussions about those amateur pics that might be underage but NOBODY KNOWS... That's dicy.)

If you really need free speech for sexual/porn things, hit me up, I'm dutch and even have connections in the legit scene of the hosting world (who carefully work together with the police), but a 'favorite search engine'-search would find you a platform for that.

As conclusion, see Saidit as a library in which you can have heated arguments... just don't pull out your digglydoo or rub your clitaremaso! Because then you'll get expelled, also when you go from heated to chair-throwing with an argument.

  • Disclaimer: The only relation I have to saidit is that I mod 2 subs and have this account, I do not speak for the creators, hosters nor admins.