Reveddit informs you what data is being censored by Reddit. by TheOtherSide in censorship

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Oh my God! They removed 89 comments, articles and links though I followed their content policy! I had a run in with a moderator for a group and he banned me because I was upset that someone else had attacked me in an unbelievable manner calling me the C word then saying when someone's a C that means their mother was too! The commentor was some big reddinator and I got banned from the sub, But I didn't know I'd been banned from all the subs I had joined over the past 4 years! Including all of the stories I'd posted that were written by other people! I dropped off of reddit a while back but still, this is upsetting. It means months of work came to nothing because I didn't realize I had been shadow banned by every subred I participate in!

Coronavirus Brings Out the Greed in Billionaire CEO’s and Executives by Nechama in Coronavirus

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Good point :)

It’s Lazy and Unethical to Earn From What Other People Submit To You Anonymously by Nechama in Writing

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Okay, obviously this is intended as tongue in cheek and not meant to say that anyone said this directly. On Medium I noticed several pieces where the person basically said for people to submit stories to her and she would then add them to her publication where she would be paid every time they clapped for each of these other writer's stories. "why would someone send/share anything online and not expect it to circulate through the internet without the possibility of monetary gain." I would never expect everything I've ever put online would be taken and published under someone else's name for them to earn money from. In fact, that is called plagiarism. You can't just republish anything you want that is written by someone else to earn from. "She also thinks that even if someone is aware of this that its still wrong because they go unaccredited" I think that in terms of what we write, that we don't need let others take what we write so they can earn from it while we get nothing. I suppose if you really want to do all the work while someone else sits back and earns from it you can, but the point is that this implies that it's fine to do and I think most people would argue it is not. I have no idea how Santa got into the discussion of this article. Regarding the Happy Birthday song and the copyright issue, I don't think that the people the people singing happy birthday were doing so specifically to make money from not did they ask the person who wrote it specifically to do so then give it to them so they could earn money off of it, so this is not analogous.

I think you might want to take another look at the Pyramid of Debate before commenting on other articles.

Saidit is worse than reddit with censorship. by Troll in SaidIt

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"Leftists are a cancer - which is absolutely true objectively speaking." I think you need to look up the definitions of objective and subjective. This is an opinion not a fact. The question was how did these subsaidits make the world a better place? Helping to anger people and divide the left and right more and promoting ideas that leftists are a cancer IMO (see how that works?) doesn't make anything better at all, it all just creates more hatred.

Suicide Prevention Groups Demand Ban on Conversion Therapy by Nechama in Psychology

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Yeah, it was a pretty intense episode. Sometimes I think that the show was over the top but they also explored some pretty serious issues and did it in a way that made them more accessible to people who may not have understood the significance of them before. When you mention thinking it went to far and being Dutch is this because the Netherlands is more sexually progressive than the U.S.?

Why the Narcissist in Your Life Wants to Make you Jealous by Nechama in Psychology

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Well, if it's true your not paranoid - at least not about that anyway :)