Saidit is worse than reddit with censorship. by Troll in SaidIt

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"Leftists are a cancer - which is absolutely true objectively speaking." I think you need to look up the definitions of objective and subjective. This is an opinion not a fact. The question was how did these subsaidits make the world a better place? Helping to anger people and divide the left and right more and promoting ideas that leftists are a cancer IMO (see how that works?) doesn't make anything better at all, it all just creates more hatred.

YouTube Shuts Down All Syrian State Channels As Idlib Assault Begins by useless_aether in censorship

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When social media gets to the point they can decide which government agencies and departments for different countries can be heard from you know we're in trouble.

Another Question About Creating Subsaidit by Nechama in AskSaidIt

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40x4500 or 40x450? I assume that's pixels? It seems like 40x4500 would be about a millimeter high and across an entire room :) Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks.

Introductions - Say Hi to Your Fellow Writers by Nechama in Writing

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Nice to meet you, Lovelli. Thanks for introducing yourself.