Today is my birthday by HorseFromHell in whatever

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Trump indicted in Stormy Daniels hush-money case by Zapped in politics

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Interesting timing.

Now everyone will forget about the trans mass murderer manifesto. That thing just vanished.

Alan Dershowitz on Trump indictment: "They've made a foolish, foolish decision which will cause the case to be thrown out, I think, on statute of limitations grounds."

How Much Yuan for that LNG? China works the tip in for a deep and protracted assfucking of the US Dollar by buying petroleum from the UAE using its own currency by hfxB0oyA in news

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When did he say that? I'd like to see.

Frank's Hot Sauce by JasonCarswell in Food

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I use a lot of Frank's. It's got a nice flavor besides the little bit of heat.

Teen Pokémon player booted from tournament after laughing at pronoun question by P-38lightning in TumblrInAction

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A judge was made to feel "unsafe and uncomfortable" by a teenager? Are you fucking kidding me?

Surveillance Footage Shows Nashville Shooter Used a Carbine Which Fires Pistol Rounds, Not an AR-15 by P-38lightning in news

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Wow. What's a lefty to do now? There goes that narrative.

Very brave young men. When they arrived at the school they ran toward the sound of gunfire. by P-38lightning in news

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I stand corrected.

Very brave young men. When they arrived at the school they ran toward the sound of gunfire. by P-38lightning in news

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It was 15 min from the first gunshot to the dead shooter.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Threesome turns violent after woman mocks couple’s genitals by Zapped in offbeat

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A skanky pussy. I'm trying not to think of that smell.

Mitch McConnell leaves rehab facility by IkeConn in WellThatSucks

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Now retire, Mitch.

Donald Trump in Waco: It's a signal to the darkest elements of the far right by Drewski in propaganda

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TV News Anchor Barbie Bassett Removed After Quoting Snoop Dogg On Air by Drewski in news

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I had no idea "nizzle" was slang for the N-word.

School children fly off the rails amid Adderall shortage: Parents across the country say their children's grades are falling and becoming more violent by HongKongPhooey in WorldNews

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Doctor, my 8-year-old boy can't concentrate and will not sit still. He needs medication; please help!

Doctor: your 8-year-old boy can't concentrate and won't sit still because he's a fucking 8-year-old boy. He's normal; go home.

Trump hush-money grand jury proceedings 'canceled' for Wednesday, sources say by P-38lightning in politics

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I would imagine the MSM is on suicide watch right now.

NEW: Democrats Starting to Admit Drawbacks by Arresting Trump - Communists Realize Next Time It May Be one Of Theirs - Also It May Help a Trump Landslide in 2024 by boston_blackie in politics

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Alvin Bragg wants to be Governor of NY and possibly president. He thinks this is his ticket to advance his political career. It's as simple as that and he couldn't be more wrong.

This could end up being the biggest backfire in the history of backfires.

Liberalism is a mental disorder by P-38lightning in TumblrInAction

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The classical liberals are all gone. There are just a few of them left. Jonathon Turley, Alan Dershowitz are a couple of names that come to mind but they are certainly not right wing unless you think that a firm belief in the Constitution is right wing.

The vast majority of liberals are rabid, out of their mind leftists. I no longer separate them. As far as I'm concerned, if you're liberal you're a leftist.

End of an era: $1 pizza slices at NYC’s 2 Bros. Pizza are toast. Price being raised to $1.50 due to inflation by P-38lightning in news

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"My economic plan is working."

~Joe Biden

Conservative writing anti "woke" book got asked to define woke by JasonCarswell in memes

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When you can't define what a woman is you just defined what woke is.

Do they think filters work in real life? by jet199 in TumblrInAction

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Here's another good one in that thread.

Tutankhamun was mummified with a fully erect penis by HongKongPhooey in history

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If your erection lasts longer than 2000 years, see your doctor.

Mother of trans teenager: Los Angeles County killed my daughter by jet199 in therearetwogenders

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After she stepped in front of that train the County mental health services and LGBT groups just scratched her name off their list and moved on to their next targets.

It's a Site for Groomers by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Who grabbed those screenshots? I hope this was reported to the admins (not that they would care). It should also be reported to the FBI. I hope it was.

I'm tempted to post this over on twatter and get it exposed as much as possible. We all should.

Any more info /u/Tarrock? Are these legit screenshots? Knowing reddit, I would expect they are.

Truck Convoys are TOXIC, FASCIST & RUSSIAN 😂😂😂 by Gravi in NotTheOnion

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The new world order is getting serious resistance across the globe and they don't like that.