Belarusian volunteers head to Kyiv to fight Russia by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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So far there's only a few of these. I've heard around 200, with several already reported dead.

I think they're the same kind of people who participated in the EU-backed, globohomo protests in Belarus that looked quite severe for a time, and rather similar to the ones that more recently took place in Kazakhstan. The same protests that at least in part led Lukashenko to 'weaponize thousands of refugees' as a sort of punishment for interfering in domestic affairs.

Belarus still has soy-guzzlers even if it's almost certainly demographically the purest country in Europe. And again, I encourage them along with all other soy-guzzlers to embark on the anti-fascist crusade against imaginary fascism. They'll soon be reduced to a fine, pink mist and they won't even have the satisfaction of being martyrs for their shitty cause, since their deaths won't even be reported. They'll just be dead terrorists, damnatio memoriae.

Mr Bond's trial is coming up by Markimus in debatealtright

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That would be the stuff of comedy. Imagine if the proof for the claim that he is innocent of any crime... is hours on end of the most profane, anti-White (c)rap lyrics out there.

Then, invoke the analogical argument that if this is acceptable when blax target cops, anyone who 'disrespects' them or anyone else on that long list of people who blax hate, well, I commit no crime when I do the same thing to blax and kikes.

Looking for good Twitter accounts to follow by VraiBleu in debatealtright

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Keith Woods was banned a few months ago, not long after Dorsey was driven out by Singer and friends who replaced him with an Indian who nobody heard of until then. Supposedly he tried to appeal the ban but was then rejected.

The only one I follow is @libsoftiktok, and that's just 'for the lols'. It's just a cuckservative, firmly GOP page, but if you're interested in TikTok 'lolcows', it's easy to find them from this page. From there I've found a whole heap of lolcow TikTok accounts to later sift through for nuggets of gold.

Perhaps the most bizarre trend on TikTok today is the rise of 'systems'. These are total whackos predominantly (if not entirely) pretending to have 'Other Specified Diassociative Disorder'. These lolcows claim they have multiple personalities, but seem so utterly unconvincing to me. (claims to be a system of 13 personalities)

This one is probably the most popular: (claims to be a system of 30 personalities)

The hilarious thing is that so many people take this seriously. Surely, if one had thirty different personalities, one wouldn't even be able to manage a TikTok video. Why, for example, would all thirty personalities consent to cooperating together just to—quite conveniently—make stupid TikTok videos showcasing themselves? Surely at least one of those thirty personalities thinks that TikTok is for faggots and simply deletes the videos taken by the others, preventing any such attempt at collaboration from ever amounting to anything?

It's all just a pathetic show put on for attention which gives dopamine hits or provides some other form of gratification. They're more likely to have Munchausen syndrome than OSDD.

Reddit Regiment by PrawoJazdy in debatealtright

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Hopefully that poor violin was able to make a great escape, such that the only casualties were the Redditard soyboys, the soy lattes they sip to keep them fuelled, their phones whose browsers were full of Reddit tabs (as well as tabs to PornHub, OnlyFans, Grindr, etc.) and a whole bunch of rainbow dildos and flags.

Ukrainian schools full of globohomo propaganda by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Fascinating how the Ukraine has only been firmly in the Western sphere of orbit for only around eight years, and already we can see that many of the symptoms are apparent. President is a Jewish comedian, ethnonationalism is deeply taboo and unpopular, transsexuals are popping up like weeds and 'tolerance' is typically the excuse behind which all sorts of sexual deviancy are becoming rapidly normalized.

Reddit Regiment by PrawoJazdy in debatealtright

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False analogy.

Unlike us, they are actually encouraged to act out. They're heroes if they go to fight for Zelensky. Nor does anybody really give a shit when Antifa, BLM, the DSA, Texas Red Guards, the PSL and any other group of that nature goes out looting and burning. Most of them are out there to further a supposedly righteous cause, i.e. anarcho-communism, which is the end result of 'liberal democracy' unfolding as a process: the 'liberal democratic' values of freedom and equality taken to their highest possible extremes. They will never be banned or regarded domestic terrorists, quite the contrary, the longer that time passes the further that these groups will be accepted by the mainstream, the further that mainstream politics will resemble their own.

Conversely, if we or anyone else go to fight against Zelensky to pulverize some of these soy-guzzlers, we're obvious villains and outright terrorists. They have the full force of the System on their side; we have the full force of it against us. Analogy broken.

A very brief history of globalism and the great reset by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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I think problematization of the term Cultural Marxism on non-optical grounds (i.e. that there is something intrinsically wrong with the term) is simply wrong. It seems to suggest one of two things:

  1. Gramsci, Althusser, The Frankfurt School, etc. were simply capitalists. Therefore, 'Cultural Capitalism'.

  2. Gramsci, Althusser, The Frankfurt School, etc. were indeed anti-capitalists but their influence is overestimated to the extent that someone else must be to blame for the things normally attributed to them. Therefore, again, 'Cultural Capitalism'.

The first is obviously unworthy of consideration. I don't see any obvious reason to believe that the second is correct either, since it implies that Gramsciian humanist Marxism is not an influence on contemporary Critical Race Theory, that Althusser was just a nobody rather than somebody immensely popular in academia until the late 1970s or so, that Marx and Engels did not call for abolition of the nuclear family and only had intentions to change the economy, and other implications that are very clearly just plain wrong.

If neither of these claims is true... then what leg does the 'Cultural Marxism is really Cultural Capitalism' narrative have left to stand on?

Thultide and Striker debate Vaccines and NWO agendas by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Here's my thoughts on #2. I haven't thought much about these things till now because I believe in focusing on key DR issues rather than going into what I consider pointless deviationism (e.g. turning the DR into an explicitly anti-Covax [or pro-Covax] movement and shifting most time and energy into Covid [e.g. Millenniyule 2021 with Philosophicat] or turning the DR into something explicitly economically socialist or capitalist and thus splitting the movement along 'NazBol' [e.g. Woods] and 'racist liberal' [e.g. Martinez] lines).

For the record, I find Striker's views less compelling that Thuletide's, presuming they are accurately summarized by the OP. But typing a response to just one of three questions is time consuming. So now's the time to have a crack at #2.

Firstly, let us consider what I will call the 'Argument from Unintended Consequences':

We also can't identify every person (including every heeb) behind The Great Replacement [TGR] or any other DR grand narrative. Ergo, TGR isn't happening because we can't provide a comprehensive list of persons involved, we can only partially establish causation by pointing at heebs, oligarchs, etc. as aggregates.

This is of course the same shit argument Destiny attempted to employ against Martinez—you can't name every single yid, when he became involved, why he became involved, and so forth, so all that you believe should be written off as a 'conspiracy theory'.

Non-DR persons who employ this argument can easily be destroyed by counter-analogy. Non-DR persons cannot provide a comprehensive list of persons involved in the creation and perpetuation of 'systemic racism', 'climate change' and every single other non-DR grand narrative without exception, and can also only 'guesstimate' by again blaming aggregates like 'Whites' and 'capitalists'. Clearly, this also doesn't establish causation to the standard they demand we meet; ergo, no non-DR grand narrative is true either.

At this point, it becomes obvious that they're just playing by double standards. We need to provide an absurd amount of evidence that we can't obtain to justify belief in TGR or Cultural Marxism; they need absolutely no evidence whatsoever to justify belief in whatever it is that they believe. They can't tell us exactly who/what caused Covid, but they demand everyone be jabbed; nor who caused 'systemic racism', but they demand destructive changes to 'solve' it; nor who caused 'climate change', but they demand 'climate action'.

Furthermore, causation doesn't need to be established to admit that a problem exists. I don't need to know specifically who the driver is of a car speeding towards the edge of a cliff in order to know that it's a problem. This is of course how Leftists try to avoid the previous paragraph—'do I need to know exactly which capitalists are responsible for climate change to know it's happening? No!'—while trying to rewrite the rules of the game such that we can't do the exact same thing. Hence all that they believe is 'objective truth' while genuinely dissident narratives are entirely the stuff of 'conspiracy theory', 'misinformation', 'propaganda', etc.

Raspail's novel made no mention of any group causing TGR. We simply have no need to establish causality, and pointless arguments over which heebs, when, why, etc. should be avoided.

Secondly, let's consider what I'll call the 'Hungarian Argument':

This is remarkably simple. Heebs often put gentiles as the symbolic head of the institutions they run with the explicit motive of countering 'anti-Semitism'.

This is the exact reasoning used by Bela Kun's short-lived Communist regime in Hungary. A Hungarian by the name of Sandor Garbai was the de facto head of state while heebs were overwhelmingly represented in the top ranks of government to the point of practically dominating all ministries (e.g. Kun, Erno Gero, John Pepper, Matyas Rakosi, Tibor Szamuely, Jeno Landler, Bela Vago, Bela Szekely, Gyula Lengyel, Jeno Hamburger, Gyorgy Lukacs, Zoltan Ronai, Henrik Kalmar, Eugen Varga, Vilmos Bohm). Garbai was precisely put there by Kun as a figurehead in order to ward off the constant accusations that Kun's regime was essentially heebish (ethnically, not religiously—they were all atheists) rather than Hungarian.

Does anyone seriously doubt that Joe '... [I]f I were a Jew I would be a Zionist, my father pointed out to me I did not need to be a Jew to be a Zionist, for I am a Zionist' ( Biden, surrounded by the likes of Blinken, Garland (Garfinkel), Guzman, Haines, Klain, Lander, 'Rachel' Levine, Mayorkas, Neuberger, Yellen, all of whose heebish ancestries are publicly known, is not simply another American Garbai, even more so than Trump? He's openly and proudly Zionist and a dead man walking—the ideal figurehead. If he ever did anything out of order, he'd conveniently 'die of "natural" causes' as we all expect him to do at any moment, and everyone would be none the wiser. The lack of zhids at the very top is thus not an argument against zhid privilege, 'ZOG', etc.

Striker's #2 is clearly not a counter-argument. Thuletide blames heebs for The Great Reset only for Striker to claim that what amounts to the normies as what we might term a 'reduction to heebery' is in fact insufficiently reductionist.

Striker's reasoning seems to be deductive:

  1. The heebs are the ultimate cause of most if not all of the DR's problems

  2. Thus TGR, WG, Cultural Marxism have at their roots a heebish cause.

  3. Everything else including 'Left-Right' are merely additional problems subordinate to the JQ ('distraction from race')

  4. Therefore, all time and energy should be spent on the JQ.

Somehow that deductive argument is supposed to defeat the claim that The Great Reset is also a heebish problem!? So the heebs play a causal role in TGR, WG, Cultural Marxism... but The Great Reset is 100% totally not what the 'conspiracy theorists' believe it is? It is—mysteriously and most unusually from that perspective—somehow exceptional?

This clearly doesn't follow at all from his argument. The same people pushing 'demographic replenishment' are most of the same people pushing the vax, i.e. the political classes and supranational entities and all the wretched specimens from which they are composed. Why should they be trusted all of a sudden to be the 'good guys' on this one thing when they are the clear bad guys on every other thing? The deduction should instead be simple and without exception if it is to be coherent: everything they push is untrustworthy.

As an aside, I also don't get how Striker is considered a NazBol if he's literally engaging in 'reduction to heebery' rather than class reductionism.

It's the same playbook everywhere..... by Agni777 in debatealtright

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The first time I realized you Indians were actually in a similar boat was when I realized that an Indian paper that had the name 'Hindu' in it ('Hindu Times' or something similar) actually pushed blatant Leftism, multiculturalism, pro-Islam, anti-casteism, etc. I figured out quickly that despite the name sounding as though it might be conservative, it was actually hijacked by the Indian Left, and that this Indian Left, or at least this part of it, was not so different from the baizuo/White Left.

Around that time I also noticed that the BJP/INC were practically doing the usual ticking off of boxes by making sure that women, dalits (K.R. Narayanan), Sikhs (Manmohan Singh) and Muslims all held the Presidency and Prime Ministership. Another red flag, and no different to how Americans tick off boxes. Vote for Obama because... well, he's black; for Hillary and Kamala because... well, they're female, etc.

I feel like Modi is a reaction to some of this 'diversity', but he's only softly nationalist if he could even be called nationalist at all. He's practically in the same position as Trump—elected to solve problems he can't actually solve, and which actually worsen during his time in office. I like Shiv Sena from what I've heard of them; BJP is too similar to the pseudo-Right like the US Republicans and the various 'Tory' parties. He seems more like an Indian Shinzo Abe or GW Bush.

More recently, I've noticed Indians, Filipinos, etc. commenting about Left-wing control of the education system in their respective countries. It's definitely a thing in the Philippines; for example, the country's top university is also a stronghold of anti-Duterte 'dilawans' or 'yellowtards' who support that country's equivalent of the West's Left-liberal political classes.

So I think that you're seeing the Indian situation correctly. Either way, if we cannot solve the problem in our own countries, pondering about how to solve it in somewhere as unrelated to us as India is off the table. I don't think India has too much to complain about at present because the particular set of problems we oppose here tend to afflict 'late-modern', 'post-modern' peoples the most. India has been insulated by the 'modern' set of problems like poverty and has yet to replace such 'modern' problems with this new set of problems. I strongly suspect that if India became totally 'late-modern' it would see a massive ramping up of these problems (India switches to being underpopulated with the birth rate going well below replacement level similar to the Asian Tigers, social atomization, etc.)

Franco Freda and Italian nazi-maoism by Rakean93 in debatealtright

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Finally, here's the proof of the race-blind nonsense of this clique, who basically all out themselves as CivNats. Skip to 17:00 to see your boy Zoltanous outright accuse the DR of 'race worship' (he used the term 'gay racial reductionism' to refer to this later), laughably calling it 'idolatry' and 'narcissism' and claiming it 'seems completely ridiculous to me'. Or the part-Iranian felon CT at 19:25: 'When I was a White nationalist years ago'. In Zoltanous' hilarious words from the video I linked, what a bunch of subhuman kike nigger faggots! These people are just the socialist version of America First.

You by any chance a sympathizer with this cretinous bunch, hence why you feel compelled to call their critics 'gay' and all of this other laughably childish nonsense?

You do, however, give away too easily that you are a Keith Woods fanboy, since I can recognize that language from a mile off. Let me guess, it's 'Cultural Capitalism' and not 'Cultural Marxism', too, right? As if to say that Gramsci and Marcuse were 'really' capitalists or something similarly nonsensical.

If by socialism you erroneously refer as most do merely to a highly redistributive economy—obviously economic egalitarianism cannot be fused together with social inegalitarianism, since there is no obvious reason why egalitarianism should be confined to one sphere and not be allowed to seep into the other. Economic inegalitarianism + social inegalitarianism is the only serious combination that does not admit some level of degenerate reasoning. NazBol etc. is simply for faggots who cannot truly escape degeneracy and think outside of the constraints set by the dominant ideology. Too bad that young fools have obscured the path forward by laughably calling it 'racist liberalism'.

Franco Freda and Italian nazi-maoism by Rakean93 in debatealtright

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He isn't even 'pro-Republican'. He's literally made Reddit comments in favour of Antifa, laughably claiming that a non-existent 'White supremacy' is somehow a bigger threat than they are. Who was out rioting three days ago in Maryland? Who keeps showing up uninvited every time a Republican rally is held?

Franco Freda and Italian nazi-maoism by Rakean93 in debatealtright

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He's a race-blind, excessively ideological CivNat who blatantly renounced ethnonationalism, spreads misinformation, deletes anything remotely critical of him (including comments drawing attention to his past statements rejecting ethnonationalism), purity spirals constantly over interpretations of whatever the hell Gentile or some other forgotten intellectual said, promotes obscure people who nobody in the West cares about like Asanuma, attacks 'wignats' routinely, and is frankly just all-round mentally ill as evidenced by the second video I posted.

Promoting the DPRK seems particularly thickheaded, only helping our enemies in the same way that promoting Palestine only helps our enemies by allowing them to associate Islamic terrorism with the DR in the eyes of the masses. It allows them to push the usual 'Islamo-Fascism' concept that actually harms the Palestinian cause as well as us by claiming that the DR is akin to ISIS or that Palestinians want to genocide Jews. Furthermore, our enemies have long been trying to convince the masses that the USSR/PRC/DPRK are in fact "Far-Right" or "Red Fascist", etc. so that they can then sanitize their own image while wiping the mess of those regimes onto us. These quackademics like BR Myers have been working on this 'North Korea is Far-Right and ethnonationalist' narrative for decades, and these guys are simply doing their work for them.

He brings nothing of value into the movement, spends most of his online time associating with outright Hispanics and other non-whites while attacking 'wignats' and other people he doesn't like. For example, CT is 25% Iranian; The Other Karl is 25% Amerindian, The Fascifist is part-Indian, one guy is full-blown El Salvadorian, etc.

In fact, I will go a step further at this point and say that I do not even want this guy accepted with the caveat that he is interpreted critically. The movement would be better off to be rid of his whole clique with their pathetic revisionism and silly views about retaining a multiracial America united under the banner of 'third-position' ideology (which will amount to nothing more than an Integralist Brazil at the very best) rather than simply pushing for America's dissolution. Anything of an 'America First' or race-blind third-positionist nature is simply 'fake and gay' par excellence. It's Red-Brown alliance nonsense in an age where 'Red' are a bunch of browns, pans and trans and not working-class White males. It's trying to build bridges to 'tankie' pseudo-intellectual fools like Haz and Caleb Maupin, who are hated by both the whole Right and what they call the 'Synthetic' Left. For example, that Haz idiot recently claimed that Enver Hoxha respected Islam, a statement that is clearly the opposite of the truth: Hoxha's regime declared Albania the "world's first atheistic state", shut down all religious institutions in the 1960s, had numerous religious figures assassinated, and so forth. The peddlers of misinformation on both sides want an alliance. They're even worse than Fuentes, since Fuentes at least has an audience, some of whom later come our way.

Now they're even further pushing the 'based-DPRK' thing by adopting Myers' tenuous claim that the DPRK were more influenced by the Japanese Empire than by Marxism. Laughable. Historical revisionism being carried out in front of my very eyes.

Franco Freda and Italian nazi-maoism by Rakean93 in debatealtright

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I haven't seen this or know of Franco Freda. Zoltanous, however... I have seen two of the previous works of both him and those associated with him.

Where do I start with this guy?

First, he foolishly revealed that he was part of a National Guard unit sent to deal with nearby riotous BLM filth, and made 'edgy' statements which led to an investigation. Since he had already 'face revealed' online, this rapidly led to him being identified. He claims that he was then interrogated by Feds and made an offer: become an informant or be forced to walk into BLM crowds with a swastika flag draped around him as some sort of (probably) illegal punishment; however, he avoided doing either. He was still thereafter removed from the National Guard, with the media reporting on his removal.

Next, his atrocious comments on the Holodomor that betray a morally bankrupt "Might Makes Right" position, alongside a dumbly nodding Richard Spencer.

Such comments have obvious unintended consequences: they very easily could be used to justify White genocide in the most literal sense of the term, i.e. if you fight back against the state for any reason, 'actively rebelling against a power that is in control of [you], which is basically force', the state killing you will be 'basically justified on those grounds'.

Next, just watch this video here, which is something of an argument against him in itself:

Finally, the organized attempts of both him and those in his circles to rehabilitate 'second position' M-Ls in order to attempt bridging a gap to the Reds against liberal globalist capitalism. This leads him to participate in a praising of Japanese Marxist Inejiro Asanuma in an admittedly well-polished video with impressive production quality. I have, however, found that this video contains at least two pieces of obvious misinformation, both of which seriously damage the narrative being woven within, and one of those claims is not just wrong but the precise opposite of the truth:

When questioned about this, he promptly deleted both my comment and a comment from a third person that thankfully provided an answer that I could still partially view in my notifications. This source was a Twitter thread (, purporting to be summarizing someone else's translation of Japanese texts. They had practically copied verbatim this information into their documentary.

Zoltanous and friends do not stop there. Next, they proceed to praise the DPRK outright, having already praised both Mao and Kim Il-Sung in the previous documentary. I should add that I have located no misinformation contained within this time around:

I will provide a brief summary of their argument for why the DPRK isn't just another Far-Left cesspool in the vein of Cuba or Venezuela:

  1. After the collapse of fascism, fascists supposedly began aligning with Marxism to fight capitalism;

  2. The DPRK formally abandoned Marxism in 2009, removing Marx/Lenin statues;

  3. They have worked nationalism into their ideology by distinguishing internationalism from globalism/globalization; claiming that the former needs nationalism to work, and rejecting the latter;

  4. The DPRK has recognized Palestine over Israel since 1988;

  5. Therefore, the DPRK should be adopted by the DR as an example of a quasi-third-positionist state.

An additional Marxisant premise is pre-emptively added to counter any potential counterargument positing that the DPRK should not be adopted by the DR because of its economic failings:

  1. The poor economic state of the DPRK has nothing to do with ideology but a combination of poor geographic location and international sanctions.

The point of writing all this is to ensure that the DR does not accept him uncritically. The positions that Zoltanous, CT, The Fascifist and others in that clique are taking are increasingly divergent from the DR, and not in good ways.

Now it's official: Spencer is beefing with Keith Woods by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Both of these people seem 'cringe', or whatever the latest term for this is, to me. That 'Deep Left JOKKULL' channel is even more 'cringe', and exemplifies how stupid our enemies are. He resorts to that garbage about nationalism being a recent Enlightenment creation and therefore that KW is incoherent in advocating nationalism as a solution to the Enlightenment. Even most Leftists think nationalism is simply neo-tribalism. I read a comment recently to that effect, and I paraphrase: Fascism is a new term, but it refers to something that has existed for thousands of years.

In other words, nationalism-fascism (which they usually conflate and combine) is the world's earliest ideology. Ergo, nationalism cannot be an Enlightenment product.

This literally J'ish fool is simply trying to become a new Vaush/Destiny style e-Celeb by attacking the DR. Nobody should praise him like Spencer has done, nobody should debate him, either. Debating him would simply give him the attention he wants and give him recognition and legitimacy—i.e. that we're recognizing him as serious.

KW makes videos that are far too intellectual and 'highfalutin' for the average unthinking muppet. He's actually too intelligent for the masses, a mid-20's young man waffling about things the average person wouldn't understand even if he lived 500 years. He's proof that Whites are smarter than everyone else—has anyone ever seen a mid-20's Asian even remotely speaking like KW? They're all self-absorbed in their dumbphones. He's only popular in our circles precisely because of that, and it demonstrates just how different we are from the masses we're trying to convince. It's clearly the wrong approach. The intellectual pathway, if it is to work, needs to make far more use of citations from books or peer-reviewed articles in order to counter cheap responses like this particular video. Say nothing without backing; avoid repeating speculation, like whatever Savitri Devi said, entirely.

I've never followed Spencer but almost everything I ever hear about this guy is bad. Like his conversation with Zoltanous, who made a silly 'might makes right' argument to claim that the Holodomor was justified because the Ukrainians were rebelling against authority. Yeah? And what happens when they declare you a rebel? They'll be justified in killing you too, right? Meanwhile, Spencer is just there stupidly agreeing with him.

Contrast that with Martinez who has donated hundreds in crypto to White South Africans, has had others donate much more, and is becoming so popular that random 'Omeglers' say: "Hey, you're that guy on Telegram, right?" And yet it is Martinez whose presentation style seems more 'common' and 'crude' in comparison, and yet he is the one who is succeeding, precisely because he is easy to understand such that even the idiot masses can get something out of watching him. No moron is going to get anything out of watching KW. His words fly over their heads, they'd comprehend practically nothing. Dumb down the message, but ensure that truth claims are sufficiently backed! Martinez often reads from media websites (almost sufficient) and occasionally journal articles (sufficient) in his solo livestreams. The critical viewer therefore cannot say that he is making up the things he addresses.

Neo-Nazi skinhead white supremacist terrorists declare war on your way of life by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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Meanwhile, in the real world over the past three weeks.

Two days ago, an ethnically Samoan male and member of the not-so-White-supremacist Proud Boys (how very un-White supremacist of them to be around half non-white!) by the name of Tusitala Toese was shot in the leg by... oh... Antifa.

Two weeks ago, a 65-year old White male in Portland named Dennis Anderson had six or seven bullets fired at him by... Antifa.

Three weeks ago, a Hispanic male in Los Angeles was stabbed in the chest by 30-year old Antifa Eric... Cohen... victim in critical condition. Eric Cohen, who demands to be called 'Nina Ashley Cohen', yesterday had his charge reduced from 'attempted murder' to 'assault'.

But violent left-wing extremism is 'just an idea', folks! Keep focusing on any White person who stands up for himself.

Wait! My programming is... returning... the... the... Notzees... they're going to kill six gazillion! With Trump! They... they're going to build the Fourth Reich... it's going to be like... Gilead from The Handmaid's Tale! Those fucking White Christian Taliban Republican Trumptards! They'll shut down Gender Studies departments in universities... I won't be able to finish my degree... women will have to be veiled in public... they might not even be able to leave home without being accompanied by men... I fucking hate men!! Women's rights... they... they'll be rolled back a gazillion years!!! I'm... having a panic attack!!!!

The average 'anti-racist' by PrawoJazdy in debatealtright

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13 seconds of hilarity.

It is becoming exceedingly obvious that White Leftists have degenerated in such a way that they may as well be considered a separate race. After all, this fellow isn't exactly, shall we say, master race material.

It goes without saying that such persons obviously share more in common with non-whites than with their own ancestors. Ergo, it isn't particularly surprising that—knowing fullwell that they themselves would be on the losing end of any hypothetical eugenics program—such persons closer identify with unwashed masses of the third-world. Backwardness unfortunately begets backwardness.

'We wuz everythang' by PrawoJazdy in debatealtright

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The sheer Afrocentric ignorance in this video is astounding.

'Black people are the original Indians.'

'The dark matter in space, that's called melanin. Which is in black people, so we came from space as well. Aliens.

And, of course, I have to mention the sun. Because, as black people, we're literal plants.'

What I learned from this video:

Blacks are plants, aliens, and the builders of the pyramids. Blacks are black because they have dark matter in their skin.

Hopefully this insightful information will allow me to pass Black Studies 101.

Now for a bit of comic relief:

Given that the British Empire was black... I've worked it out! Blacks are also to blame for the colonization of Africa!